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July 2019 Post and Promotion Ideas for Aesthetic Practices

World Emoji Day – July 17, 2019

Engagement Post Idea:

  • Video/Photo Assignment: Snap a photo of staff imitating faces of the emojis listed in the text below.
  • Post Text: #WorldEmojiDay: Which emoji would best represent your mood after receiving the cosmetic enhancement of your dreams? 😎😍😇comment below! #PRACTICENAME #Mood

Summer Themed Post

Engagement or Promotional Post Idea:

  • Video Assignment: Create a short how-to video on how to keep skin protected from the sun during summertime (how often to apply sunscreen, how much, and the varieties you offer for different skin types, for example)
  • Post Text (Engagement): A new 👙season brings new #SkinCare protocols. Follow these steps to keep skin healthy and glowing all 🌊summer long!
    Tip #1: Don’t forget to apply and RE-APPLY ☀️SPF to protect from harmful UV rays! #PRACTICENAME

  • Post Text (Promotional): A new 👙season brings new #SkinCare protocols. To help keep skin healthy and glowing all summer long, we’re offering PERCENTAGE OFF sunscreens all month long! 📲Call PRACTICE NUMBER for details! #PRACTICENAME
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