Career Opportunities

Rosemont Media Values:


Integrity - We aim to work with people who are honest and accountable, whether they are our employees or clients.


Attitude - It is our goal to stay grounded, patient, and humble throughout our work, and to remember that no task is beneath any of us.

Engaged Work Ethic

Engaged Work Ethic - We remain enthusiastic, passionate, and conscientious about our work throughout the day, and support each other as a team.


Fun - We know the importance of enjoying where you work and who you work with, so we’ve been known to let loose and have a bit of fun when it’s appropriate!

Innovation and Creativity

Innovation and Creativity - We are eager to seek out new and creative ways to solve challenges.


Lending - When met with an obstacle, we strive to go above and beyond instead of giving up.


Performance - We take pride in our work, and are driven to continuously pursue growth and deliver the highest quality of personalized products for our clients.


Dedication - We remain committed to doing things the right way, even if it isn’t necessarily the easiest route.


Full-time Rosemont Media™ employees enjoy a host of benefits including health care, paid holidays, vacation, with more on the horizon as we continue to grow.

Current Opportunities

Web Graphic Designer

Jr. Account Executive

Account Executive

CRM Marketing Specialist