Rosemont Media has earned a reputation for creating beautiful medical websites that generate and convert new patient leads for a variety of healthcare specialties including plastic surgery, bariatric surgery, ophthalmology, orthopedic surgery, and more. Our in-house team of graphic designers, developers, content marketing specialists, and consultants will leverage their extensive knowledge and experience to create a one-of-a-kind custom website that provides the best possible reflection of your practice. Rosemont Media also provides unparalleled digital marketing strategies designed to make sure your website and your name are prominently displayed across the web.

Did You Know? 94% of a website’s first impressions are related to its design. Without a well-executed design, visitors may not stick around to explore your services.

About Our Medical Website Design Services

Custom Website Design

At Rosemont Media, we take pride in creating custom medical website designs for each of our clients — you won’t find any “cookie cutter” designs here. That being said, it is important to be aware of the difference between custom and customized website design. A truly custom medical website is built from the ground up, based on your specifications. A “customizable” website design typically allows you to make some tweaks to the final product, but there are still several limitations. Another key distinction between custom and customizable websites is that with a 100% custom design from Rosemont Media, the final product is yours to keep — domain, design, and all. With customized sites from other design firms, that may not always be the case. This means you could potentially have to start all over again with a brand new website if you no longer wish to work with them.

Mobile Responsive Design

Considering how prevalent mobile search is, it is critical that your medical website design caters to mobile users. We take a “mobile-first” approach to all of our website projects to ensure a responsive website design that will look and function optimally on all screen sizes for an exceptional user experience that keeps users on your site longer. As one of the first healthcare marketing firms to offer responsive website design, Rosemont Media consistently sets the standard for the industry.

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA Compliance should be a consideration for any medical website, and Rosemont Media’s expertise in form processing and storage can ensure that your data remains safe and secure.

Website Accessibility

Website Accessibility remains an important component of a sound website design.  Our expert team can provide current guidance on steps that need to be taken to ensure accessibility compliance.

About Our Website Design Process

The process of creating a custom website is a collaborative one between our team and yours. We value the opportunity of being entrusted with creating a new website for our clients and go to great lengths to make the process enjoyable and efficient. Clear communication and feedback is crucial for creating a highly personalized medical website design, so we like to keep our clients involved throughout the process. Take a look at the steps listed below to get an idea of what you can expect from our website design process:

  1. 1


    Whether you need a new website, a redesign of your existing site, or just want help with brand development, we’ve got your back. At Rosemont Media, you’ll have a dedicated Project Manager who will work with you to discover and identify the type of style, colors, imagery, and messaging that best represent you and your practice.

  2. 2


    If you’re starting from scratch with your website, we can help you create an intuitive architecture that aids in providing website visitors with effortless navigation. If you already have a website, we can review your current architecture and make recommendations for improvements, based on user experience and SEO best practices. Ultimately, you have the final say — your site’s architecture will not be finalized without your approval.

  3. 3


    Once your architecture has been established, we will provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of your content needs. This evaluation may include suggestions such as merging existing pages, adding new pages, or expanding/revising content. Regardless of your individual plan, you can rest assured that any written material provided by Rosemont Media will be original, informative, personalized to your practice, and optimized for search engines.

  4. 4


    Based on decisions made during the initial discovery stage, our skilled graphic designers will create mockups for your new homepage and internal pages. These mockups will be submitted for review and can be revised, as needed, until you are completely happy with your new web design.

  5. 5


    As soon as your design has been finalized, our web developers can begin to build each piece of your website. Our development team takes great care to use the cleanest, most current coding practices to ensure your website is up-to-date and able to run smoothly. This process also includes incorporating approved written content and additional graphics, imagery, or other media onto the appropriate pages.

  6. 6


    Following the completion of the build phase, your website will undergo a detailed quality control check. It will then be sent to you for a final review and approval. Once again, we will not move forward until you are completely satisfied, so any last-minute changes can still be made prior to launch, if needed. As soon as you are happy with the result, your website will be ready for launch!

“Rosemont is by far the BEST marketing company we have ever worked with! Our online ranking has increased significantly since we started working with them. We are getting more online leads than ever. They thoroughly understand our branding, image, and services and are able to articulate through all their marketing efforts. Their attention to detail and customer service is unparalleled! Our representatives are highly experienced in their field and respond to our needs immediately and efficiently. We HIGHLY recommend Rosemont!”
— Mary Herte, MD

How Much Does Medical Website Design Cost?

The cost of custom medical website design and development packages at Rosemont Media range from $7,000 – $21,000, depending on your digital marketing needs and goals. We offer customized packages that are designed to provide exceptional service for any budget. For large scope projects that go beyond our typical package offerings, we can provide a custom price quote. We also offer flexible payment options that can help your practice shine — even if your budget is tight. 

When comparing prices for medical website design, it is important to remember that the low-cost option may not be in your best interests, even if it’s easier on your wallet. Template based, lower-cost designs typically do not perform well in search engine results, and may even end up costing you more in the long run if you encounter limitations and need to engineer the framework. Furthermore, if you choose to work with another marketing company later on, you likely won’t be able to take your website with you, meaning you’ll have to start all over again.

Why Choose Rosemont Media for Medical Website Design?

At Rosemont Media, we aim to showcase the talent and expertise of our clients through custom-made websites that set them apart from their competitors. These elegantly designed sites reflect the personality of each practice while utilizing innovative tools and technology to help drive traffic, improve user experience, optimize user click-through, and boost patient conversions. Many of RM’s customers have developed multiple websites with our agency over the years because of their desire for a high quality product. Below are some of the reasons clients choose Rosemont Media for their medical website design and marketing services.

“I love Rosemont Media! They have created the exact branding/imaging campaign I was looking for. They are extremely responsive and easy to work with. They are talented and committed to promoting my practice and growing my business in Reno.”
— Tiffany McCormack, MD

Medical Website Portfolio

Other Frequently Asked Questions About Medical Website Design

Medical Marketing Services


Search engines are often the first place people check when they have a medical question or want to find a doctor near them, which is why optimizing your website is a vital part of your medical marketing. Through our effective search engine optimization (SEO) practices, you can rank higher in search engines like Google, making your practice more visible to prospective patients looking for medical solutions. This increased visibility not only boosts website traffic but can also enhance your credibility and trust, as appearing at the top of search results tends to indicate expertise and status. At a time when online reputation can significantly impact a medical practice’s success, investing in SEO is not just beneficial but necessary for maintaining competitiveness and providing state-of-the-art healthcare services.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a powerful tool to engage, educate, and build trust with patients and the overall healthcare community. With so much information available online, medical professionals need to establish themselves as a reliable source through well-crafted, informative content that resonates with their target audience. From website pages and blogs to press releases and social media posts, high-quality content can get your name out there and generate organic traffic to your website, potentially attracting new patients.

Social Media

Social media provides a valuable platform to engage with patients, share helpful health information, and foster a sense of community. Through strategic social media campaigns targeting your ideal demographics, you can demonstrate what makes your practice unique as you share personal details about your team and emphasize the quality of care you provide. An active social media presence on platforms like Facebook and Instagram helps you build rapport and allows for real-time interaction, where questions can be answered, concerns addressed, and appointments scheduled. Depending on your budget and practice goals, our specialists can recommend a social media package that is tailored to your unique needs.


We specialize in crafting personalized healthcare branding that authentically represents your practice. In addition to creating the perfect logo and brand guide, we aim to communicate your practice’s personality, values, and mission through all of your creatives. This consistent identity helps distinguish your team from others and builds trust with your audience, both online and offline. Our goal is to create highly customized branding materials that truly reflect who you are, helping you stand out.

Consulting & Tracking

Our digital marketing consultants are extremely knowledgeable in how to help medical practices make the most of their website and increase their online visibility. When you work with Rosemont Media, you’ll have a designated team of consultants who can identify new opportunities and fine-tune your current strategies to help you reach your marketing goals. Through a variety of tracking methods, such as phone call reporting, evaluating SEO performance, and identifying email leads, we can measure the impact of your marketing campaigns, ensuring your resources are invested wisely.

Creative Services

In addition to promoting your medical practice through your website, there are a variety of other channels you can use to reach current and prospective patients. By diversifying your marketing efforts, you create a comprehensive strategy that ensures your practice remains visible, adaptable, and capable of meeting the varying needs of your patient base. Our team is well-versed in personalizing creatives for print ads, email marketing, practice specials, loyalty programs, ecommerce stores, and more.


Paid search, often called pay-per-click or PPC, complements your SEO efforts by helping you gain immediate placement in search engines while your organic rankings steadily improve. Investing in resources like Google Ads, social media ads, and more allows you to generate more quality leads and helps your medical practice thrive in the digital age. By investing in targeted online ads, you can reach a broader audience of potential patients who may not have discovered your services otherwise. Having earned the elite status of Google Partner, our team at Rosemont Media has the advanced skills and expertise needed to run successful Google Ads campaigns for your medical practice.


Your online reputation plays a pivotal role in your practice’s long-term success. When looking for a new doctor, people tend to rely heavily on online reviews and ratings to make an informed decision about their health. Since positive reviews act as a powerful endorsement for your practice, our team can guide you in the best ways to highlight this feedback, helping to attract new patients and solidify your reputation as one of the best in your industry. Rosemont Media offers innovative review solutions to not only attract new patients but maintain your loyal patient base. For more information about how to make the most of your testimonials, read our Buyer’s Guide to Online Reviews.

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