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You have a practice to run and patients to treat. Your time can’t be occupied by proactively discovering the next greatest digital marketing innovation or scouring through website statistics trying to figure out where leads are originating and how to best finetune your online strategy. Fortunately, Rosemont Media has all the time in the world to do just that.

Our team of consultants has extensive experience in identifying Internet marketing tactics that can boost your practice to the top of your market. We can identify how patients are currently finding your site and target new avenues to increase your website’s overall conversion rates.

Best of all, we work exclusively with elective healthcare professionals—including plastic surgeons, dentists, dermatologists, and more—meaning you won’t have to spend time educating us about your industry. On the contrary, we’ll spend that valuable time learning more about what makes your practice unique in order to employ the most appropriate marketing plan for you.

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“Can't say enough good things about this company. The people who work here are more than "our web guys" they have become very dear friends, who take very seriously the responsibility of our internet reputation and accessibility. I can not verbalize how valuable they have been to the success of our practice. ”
— Liz Lintner
Advanced Aesthetic Surgery

What You Get with Digital Marketing Consulting from RM

We believe in working with our clients to define goals and satisfy expectations. Below we’ve listed several distinctions and advantages of website consulting and management from Rosemont Media.

Digital Marketing Strategy Guidance

Successful healthcare marketing relies on a knowledgeable team of consultants capable of tracking the effectiveness of your entire online strategy. Our team has spent years entrenched in the search marketing industry, focusing on the research and analysis of each client’s website data to improve overall performance. Through this experience, we have gathered a comprehensive understanding of what works and how to make improvements to meet expectations.

As our consultants analyze the performance of your website, they focus on a diverse range of components, including:

Results-Based Tracking

Our consulting team is committed to bringing evidence-based marketing and online opportunities to elective healthcare practitioners through expert representation of SEO, SEM, and statistical analysis. We want you to focus on what really matters to the success of your practice: safe and effective procedures for satisfied patients. Our consultants will handle the behind-the-scenes website strategies by focusing on traffic evaluations, competition analysis, and conversion rates. Once we have all the facts, we’ll implement our proven SEO and online marketing strategies so you are able to simply navigate and evaluate your site’s performance and keep new patients calling in, and loyal patients happy.

Highlighted below are a few of the indicators and tools our team utilizes to track website performance.

Website Maintenance

From design elements and content to behind-the-scenes components like site speed, page optimization, and linking, maintaining an up-to-date and accurate website is essential to the overall success of your digital marketing efforts. When you work with Rosemont Media, you will have a dedicated team of account representatives who are on-call to help facilitate any changes you may need to your site. In addition, they will proactively suggest ways to improve your website features so you can focus on your practice while having peace of mind that your site is getting the consistent attention it deserves.

Google Workspace

Google Apps Authorized ResellerGoogle Workspace is a cloud-based productivity suite that helps you and your team connect and get work done from anywhere on any device. As an authorized Google Apps reseller, we supply cloud-based email hosting through Google Workspace and can assist with all of your needs, from migrating mail from another provider to creating and removing email addresses for employees as they come and go.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tracking tool that is installed on your website which is used to provide unbiased reports of your website traffic. Google Analytics allows for the evaluation of your website activity and the ability to measure the growth of traffic based on your online marketing efforts. Our sales and service team is committed to bringing fact based marketing and online opportunities to our clients through expert representation of SEO, SEM, and statistical analysis.


GMail for business is a complete web-based email program with a robust list of features designed to help maximize productivity. Why switch to the cloud?

  • Email addresses to match your your domain ex:
  • Inbox access from any device at any time
  • Inbox space for everything with 25GB for every user
  • Designed for reliability with built in disaster recovery
  • Stringent spam filtering
  • Archiving ability and powerful search
  • Easy desktop and mobile syncing
  • Organizational folders, filters, and labels
  • Instant messaging and video chat


Create and maintain your own calendars and easily share with others. Calendar also syncs with Gmail to send you meeting reminders via email.

  • Access from any computer, tablet, phone
  • Find time to meet with your team by sharing calendars
  • Use the smart scheduling feature to find meeting times that work for everyone.


Create documents and spreadsheets – all stored on the cloud and shareable with anyone!

  • Do you have weekly team meetings? Keep track of the minutes in a Google Doc. Any user can access and make contributions in real-time.
  • Want an easy way to keep track of your newsletters and seasonal specials? With Google docs, any team member can access the documents at any time from any

Website Accessibility

Creating website accessibility options is not only helpful for visitors, it protects your practice against legal action. This is because websites are included under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which prevents the discrimination of those with disabilities by requiring public resources be accessible to those who are physically or mentally impaired. When there are gaps in a website’s accessibility—such as a lack of video closed captioning, missing alt text for images, or keyboard-only accessibility—this violates the ADA and creates the opportunity for lawsuits.

To ensure our clients’ websites provide equal access to all of their users, Rosemont Media offers Website Accessibility Compliance Services. This comprehensive collection of services conforms to the Website Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 AA technical standards, protecting your practice from litigation caused by accessibility shortfalls. Our team performs ongoing audits of your website and regularly updates our services so they align with the evolving standards of website accessibility. We’re committed to keeping your website functioning at its highest level, while upholding the complex criteria published in the WCAG 2.1 AA.

Curious About the Cost?

If you are seeking an Internet marketing company for your medical or dental practice, Rosemont Media would love to offer help in any way we can. We offer complete package solutions that are tailored to your specific marketing goals. Visit our pricing page for more information or contact us today to receive a personalized quote.

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