We pride ourselves on creating paid search strategies that generate quality leads.
“I’ve had other companies running my AdWords campaigns in the past and have wasted too much money on management fees and ads that are not targeted. With Rosemont Media’s customized approach, I feel good about the investment I am making and can easily see the results of my campaign.”
— Michael Kosdon, DDS

What’s Included with RM Paid Search Advertising

We pride ourselves on creating custom paid search strategies that generate quality leads and yield a high ROI for plastic surgeons, dentists, bariatric surgeons, ophthalmologists, dermatologists, and various other healthcare professionals. Below are some of the many components that help set our PPC services apart.

Higher Conversion Rates with Custom Landing Pages

A high-quality landing page can have a positive impact on your Google Ads campaign. The relevance of content on landing pages affects the overall Quality Score assigned to a particular campaign. Google is very clear in its instructions for how to properly use Google Ads: it wants businesses to have original, relevant, useful, and specific content available once the link for the ad is clicked.

Custom landing pages allow you to deliver that, providing viewers with the specific content they’re looking for. By sending prospective patients to a page about a topic they’ve searched for, this tends to result in a better conversion rate. Whereas if you direct them to your homepage, which has a wider variety of services listed, they aren’t getting as targeted of information. By creating a custom landing page, you’re guiding visitors on how to take action for their procedure of interest. You’re putting compelling and visually appealing content in front of them for a procedure they’re already considering.

Through the highly relevant nature of a custom landing page, you can attract more informed patients, who are more likely to contact you for an appointment. Learn more about custom landing page creation from our website design specialists.

Let’s Get Started!

For over a decade, Rosemont Media has assisted elective healthcare practitioners in reaching the top of their online marketplaces, and paid search advertising has always played an integral role. By tailoring a PPC campaign to strategically supplement your other online marketing endeavors, we can help expand your reach and bring more patients to your practice.

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