By now, you know that Internet reviews are important to validating your online reputation and improving your organic ranking. Google, Yelp, Facebook, and other sites contain reviews from patients based on their experiences at specific practices. This phenomenon is one of the most valuable assets to a practice’s reputation, and taking advantage of the fact that huge numbers of potential patients are considering patient reviews before choosing their healthcare provider is essential to successful marketing. Acquiring reviews however can sometimes prove to be a challenge. Many of your happiest patients don’t always think about posting an online review. Furthermore, many practices simply aren’t set-up to ask for them. Rosemont Media has a variety of innovative tools to help healthcare providers easily acquire reviews on the most popular, trusted review sites around the web.

Our Review Solutions

Our innovative system can help you get reviews around the web and publish the best ones on your website:

Review Generator

Generate reviews for all of your major review sites through a simple automated email system.

Key Features:

  • Message selected patients through email or text to direct them to your review sites
  • Keep track of responders sent out by your staff
  • Solutions for offices with multiple locations and providers

Review Rake

This advanced software automatically scans your major review sites and “rakes” in new positive reviews to publish to your website.

Key Features:

  • Automatically keeps your reviews page current
  • Tallies your overall rating average from around the web

Review Sprinkler

Showcase select reviews on procedure pages within your website to highlight exceptional patient experiences.

Key Features:

  • Control over which reviews to display in specific areas of your website
  • Integrate your online reviews throughout your entire website – not just one review page

Frequently Asked Questions About Patient Reviews

Reputation Management

Do You Have Control of Your Online Reputation?

Word-of-mouth plays an integral role in the success of any healthcare practice. Traditionally, patients would discuss their experiences, whether positive or negative, with immediate family and friends. However, the expansive reach of search engines and the popularity of social networks has given a new, more powerful voice to patients.

Rosemont Media is well-versed in the limitless channels current and potential patients turn to when researching a practice, and we are well-equipped to handle all degrees of positive and negative sentiment thanks to a multifaceted online reputation management strategy. Our goal is to capitalize on a patient’s first impression by monitoring your professional brand and preserving its integrity to create a lasting relationship and loyal patient.

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