South Carolina Plastic Surgeon Launches Comprehensive Website

Dr. Ram Kalus with Plastic Surgery of the Carolinas, offering comprehensive plastic cosmetic surgery in South Carolina is launching a brand new website that is a reflection of just how far the internet has come in the last decade. Our plastic surgery website design team at Rosemont Media® has created a site for Dr. Kalus that incorporates web video, content optimized for search engines, and unique methods of getting information to visitors in a number of ways. includes detailed descriptions of procedures, video documentaries, a doctor’s blog, state-of-the-art graphics, a user-friendly navigation system, before-and-after photo galleries, and an “In the Media” page showcasing articles written by Dr. Kalus and magazine stories in which he is featured. The new website is a powerful new tool for prospective patients, and a shining example of what Rosemont Media® can do!

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