Dan Mills, M.D.

Dan Mills, M.D.

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May 2010

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CMS, SEO, Photo Upload Gallery and Blog



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Plastic Surgery Website Design

The website for Dr. Daniel C. Mills, a plastic surgeon in Orange County, California is a good example of how our designers at Rosemont Mediaâ„¢ can combine a wealth of information onto a streamlined and easy-to-navigate website, complete with a desirable color scheme and imagery that showcases the practice’s location. www.danmillsmd.com is equipped with a before-and-after photo gallery, top-navigation with helpful drop-down bars, a newsletter submission page, detailed content optimized for search engines, and blogging capabilities. The new site is heavy on useful content for visitors, while offering an uncluttered layout designed to make it easy for consumers to find the pages they are looking for.