Pinpoint Your Most Effective Marketing Efforts

Do you know how your patients are finding you on the Internet? Rosemont Media’s tracking and consulting packages can help pinpoint the most effective strategies for you and your practice so you can streamline your efforts towards the ones that work. Don’t let your success as a dentist slip between the cracks of online techno-speak. Our personal and friendly team of Internet marketing experts has extensive background in finding the dental marketing strategies that boost your practice to the top of the market.

Performance Analysis

Let our consultants handle the nitty-gritty tasks of directory evaluations, traffic evaluations, competition analysis, and conversions progress. With years of experience at the cutting edge of SEO and online marketing tactics in the dental industry, Rosemont Media’s experts make navigating the complex inner workings of the Internet simple and hands-free. Let us facilitate your advertising campaign, evaluate your performance, and get you back to what you do best. Learn more about our consulting and performance analytical services.

Google Tracking Tools

At Rosemont Media, we use effective techniques and sophisticated technology to track your progress and find out exactly which avenues are getting your practice the most visibility. Google operates some of the most powerful tools for website owners and businesses available today such as Google Tools, Webmaster Tools, and Google Analytics. Our consultants and website development experts capitalize on your successes and strengthen aspects of your marketing strategy that need improvement through sophisticated and targeted tracking of search engines, display advertising, pay-per-click networks, and email marketing campaigns. Check out our dental Google Tracking Tools.

Call Tracking

With the mobile revolution, patients are now able to reach your website and call your practice from virtually anywhere. Call Tracking with Rosemont Media gives you detailed caller reports of who’s contacting your practice, when, and how often so you can know exactly how successful your dental advertising campaign is running. Find out how to keep tabs on your calls with one of our premium Call Tracking services.


Local business directories are a big part of your overall internet strategy. Let Rosemont Media help you see clarity and focus on the directories that provide value. Rosemont Media will ensure that these tracking systems are in place and help you make an informed decision about which directories work best for you. In addition, directories have inherent search engine optimization value which Rosemont Media will coordinate with your SEO strategy.

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