Pinpoint Your Most Effective Marketing Efforts

Rosemont Media’s experienced consultants can help you determine which search marketing package is right for your medical practice. We can determine how patients are currently finding your site, and target new avenues to increase your site’s overall conversion rates. At Rosemont Media, we believe in working with our clients to define goals and satisfy expectations. Because of our experience in the medical field, you won’t have to spend time educating us about your industry. On the contrary, we’ll spend that valuable time learning more about what makes your practice unique, in order to employ the appropriate medical marketing strategies.

Performance Analysis of Medical Websites

We want you to focus on what really matters to the success of your practice: safe and effective procedures for satisfied patients. Our consultants will handle the behind-the-scenes website strategies by focusing on traffic evaluations, competition analysis, and conversion rates. Once we have all the facts, we’ll implement our proven medical SEO and online marketing tactics so you are able to simply navigate and evaluate your site’s performance and keep new patients calling in, and loyal patients happy.

Google Tracking Tools

Because we’ve been involved in the medical website marketing industry for so long, we are able to deftly design and employ the appropriate strategy for your practice based on your market and competition. We use our effective techniques and sophisticated technology to track your website performance and increase overall online visibility. One set of tools that improves our ability to do this is provided by Google, tools such as Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools. To capitalize on your medical practice’s strengths and keep your site climbing the search results, we also employ a combination of display advertising, PPC networks, and email marketing campaigns.

Call Tracking

As the mobile industry continues to expand at a drastic rate, patients want to be able to reach you from anywhere and anytime. Call-tracking with Rosemont Media can give you the detailed reports on each caller so you know how they found your practice and where they came from to better understand your website visitors’ actions and wants. Find out more about medical call-tracking services and how they can help your practice maximize its potential.


Patient reviews and directories are a great way to give potential patients an inside-look at your practice. The medical consultants at Rosemont Media can help you determine which directories will provide the greatest impact, while taking advantage of the diverse range of listings with sites such as RateMDs and Yelp. For more information, check out our Medical Directory Tracking Services, or contact our team at Rosemont Media today.

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