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Google Apps is a cloud-based productivity suite that helps you and your team connect and get work done from anywhere on any device. All products are easy to learn, use, and access. They also integrate with each other, are shareable with other people, and accessible on any device. By creating these tools, Google has made it possible to save time in your day without breaking the bank.

Rosemont Media Google Apps Re-sellerAs an authorized Google Apps reseller, Rosemont Media can guide you towards the tools suited for your needs.



Google Apps is Cloud Based

Google Apps is accessible

Google Apps is Secure


What Products are Part of Google Apps?

With well over 20 apps within this robust suite of products, there is seemingly a productivity enhancement solution for everything! Below are a few of our favorites.

Google Analytics


Google Analytics is a tracking tool that is installed on your website which is used to provide unbiased reports of your website traffic. Google Analytics allows for the evaluation of your website activity and the ability to measure the growth of traffic based on your online marketing efforts.

Data Collected through Analytics Includes:

  • Popular Keywords
  • Mobile vs Desktop Traffic
  • Traffic Sources
  • Paid Vs. Organic Search Traffic
  • Pages and Page Activity
  • Goal Completions (Phone Calls and Emails)

Our sales and service team is committed to bringing fact based marketing and online opportunities to our clients through expert representation of SEO, SEM, and statistical analysis.



GMail for business is a complete web-based email program with a robust list of features designed to help maximize productivity. Why switch to the cloud?

  • Email addresses to match your your domain ex: [email protected]
  • Inbox access from any device at any time
  • Inbox space for everything with 25GB for every user
  • Designed for reliability with built in disaster recovery
  • Stringent spam filtering
  • Archiving ability and powerful search
  • Easy desktop and mobile syncing
  • Organizational folders, filters, and labels
  • Instant messaging and video chat


Easily Accessible and Configured




Create and maintain your own calendars and easily share with others. Calendar also syncs with Gmail to send you meeting reminders via email.

  • Access from any computer, tablet, phone
  • Find time to meet with your team by sharing calendars
  • Use the smart scheduling feature to find meeting times that work for everyone.




Create documents and spreadsheets – all stored on the cloud and shareable with anyone!

  • Do you have weekly team meetings? Keep track of the minutes in a Google Doc. Any user can access and make contributions in real-time.
  • Want an easy way to keep track of your newsletters and seasonal specials? With Google docs, any team member can access the documents at any time from any


Curious about the cost?

Rosemont Media offers complete package solutions that are tailored to your specific marketing goals. Visit our pricing page for more information or contact us today to receive a personalized quote.

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