SEO and Website Strategy Takeovers

The idea of leaving one Internet marketing provider to sign with another can be unnerving. Will you have to start from scratch? Will your former company be professional and make the transition easy and painless, or will they be unhelpful and unpleasant to deal with from start to finish? Worst of all—will they sabotage your website on your way out the door in an attempt to prevent future success elsewhere? These are all extremely common concerns for medical and dental practices seeking a new online marketing direction, but the good news is, you don’t have to go through the process alone when you choose the right firm.

As a trusted industry veteran, Rosemont Media has helped numerous clients navigate successful SEO and website strategy takeovers, making sure the transition is smooth regardless of how sensitive the relationship is between a practice and their former marketing provider. Below, you can learn about key aspects of our takeover process, as well as find questions you should ask a prospective digital marketing firm before a switch.

Our Web Strategy Takeover Services

Changing from one Internet marketing vendor to another doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll lose everything you have gained and/or created for your practice—you just have to make sure your new agency is adept and equipped to comprehensively take over your assets. When transferring your Internet marketing services to Rosemont Media, our team has the experience, tools, and in-house personnel to:

No matter the specific needs of your practice, we’ll be right there to provide guidance, support, and transparency throughout the entirety of the transfer process—and well beyond.

"Rosemont has been a terrific support in our website and SEO efforts. They have the depth and knowledge to have helped us get out some search difficulties as well as to create a mobile-friendly, content rich, dynamic site. Their support staff are well trained and patient with changes and always willing to spend time developing client knowledge. One of the best things about Rosemont is that they do what they say they will do, and not just when you looking at the stats — even if you look away to manage your business, they continue on the path moving toward the agreed upon goal. So, I guess that means they are: smart, reliable, professional, consistent and very good at what they do!"

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  • How many representatives will be assigned to my account?

    You want a group of seasoned professionals working together on your account. With a team approach, you can benefit from multiple helping hands attending to your needs, collective collaboration on your strategy, and optimal availability when you want to touch base.

  • What will you do to ensure my website won’t crash and my rankings won’t drop during the transition?

    Your new marketing firm should have streamlined systems in place for website transfers, and they should explain exactly how these systems help to prevent site crashes and/or drops in ranking. It is important to also ask for examples of successful transitions they have completed in the past, preferably featuring clients who were in a position similar to your own.

  • How would you change my SEO strategy for the better?

    Don’t let the main reason for changing marketing agencies get lost in the transition itself—you want improved SEO. Your new provider should offer a comprehensive span of web marketing services, including custom website design, content creation, link building, social media marketing, reputation management, and more. Make sure they provide an extensive overview of exactly what they offer and how they plan to personalize a strategy based on your site’s specific needs and goals. Once again, asking for examples to verify that similar tactics do indeed work is critical. It also helps to benchmark your rankings before you make a switch.

  • Are your designers, developers, and writers full-time and in-house, or is the work outsourced?

    Not only is it essential for an online marketing firm to have personnel in these positions, but “full-time” and “in-house” are key adjectives you should listen for when a potential firm speaks about their team. The number of developers, writers, designers, and certified Adwords managers directly impacts the workload a company can handle, and having full-time, in-house employees means your needs are not being shipped outside of the company for completion (which can result in disjointed final products).

  • Do you have experience working with practices in my specialty?

    Similar to choosing a healthcare professional, experience is key when it comes to selecting an Internet marketing agency. You want a company that is well-versed in SEO strategy for your medical or dental specialty—and one that has demonstrable examples and results to back it up.

  • Does your team have experience managing all the needs of a practice my size in a similar market?

    Again, request examples. Your prospective firm should be able to show you work it has done for clients of similar size and market competitiveness. A company that claims it has the experience you seek but is unable (or unwilling) to produce evidence of its successes should draw a major red flag.

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