Grand Junction Cosmetic Dental Practice Receives Website Overhaul With Updated Features

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Dr. Julie Gillis details the benefits of her dental practice receiving a website redesign from Rosemont Media, a San Diego-based healthcare marketing firm.

Grand Junction, CO – Cosmetic dentist Julie Gillis, DDS and her team at her dental practice in Grand Junction, CO say they have been providing cosmetic and restorative dental services to the community for many years and always strive to put the needs of patients first. To ensure accessibility and functionality across Dr. Gillis’ website and aid her patients in accessing helpful information, a complete redesign was recently completed by dental marketing firm Rosemont Media. The new responsive website design was created with simplicity and organization in mind to better serve individuals throughout the Grand Junction area. Some of the new features include the aforementioned responsive design, original content with search engine optimization, a Greco-Roman style that mirrors the theme of the physical office, and images of her actual patients.

SEO-Driven Content: All content across the newly-designed website is written with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind. According to the Grand Junction dentist, this is emphasized in order to boost the search engine rankings of the wide range of procedural pages on the site. By featuring SEO-friendly content, she says the the new website can help her practice gain better visibility online, ultimately enabling her to reach more patients.

Responsive Design: The organization of the website and its content has been designed in such a way that current and prospective patients should be able to navigate the entire site with ease. Dr. Gillis explains that the content of the informative pages is strategically presented and organized in a clear and concise manner, for an improved user experience. The website is also designed to respond and transition seamlessly on any device, including desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets.

Greco-Roman Theme: To align with the Greco-Roman style of the physical office in Grand Junction, the new site features imagery such as pillars along the edges of the page. Dr. Gillis says the cohesive design and branding can enable the website to become a digital extension of her practice for her patients.

Images of Patients: Some websites will utilize stock images, but Dr. Gillis thought it was important to show the actual faces of the people who are impacted by her team’s efforts. Across the site, photos can be found on the various pages showcasing the restorations and improvements made to the smiles of actual, real-life patients. Dr. Gillis believes this unique feature adds to the authenticity of her website and practice, while also showcasing proven results.

With a responsive design, a theme that matches the practice, photos that represent actual patients, and content optimized to help boost the site’s rankings, Dr. Gillis believes the redesigned website can be used as a helpful tool for current and prospective patients who want more information about the various procedures she offers.

About Julie M. Gillis, DDS, PC
Cosmetic dentist Julie M. Gillis, DDS has been serving the Grand Junction, CO area since 1989 with top-notch dental services for her patients. Emphasizing compassion and care, the comprehensive dental treatments she offers are carried out in a comfortable and calm environment. Accredited by the AACD, Dr. Gillis is experienced and highly trained in providing general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry procedures, including dental implants. Dr. Gillis attended the University of Colorado School of Dentistry where she received her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. To continue her lifelong goal of education and perfecting her craft, she participates in at least 100 hours of continuing education coursework each year. Dr. Gillis is available for interview upon request.

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