3 Do’s and Don’ts Cosmetic Dentistry Before and After Photo’s

Potential patients will spend a lot of time on your dental website looking at your work, especially when considering cosmetic procedures such as porcelain veneers and smile makeovers. Right or wrong these potential patients will make judgments about your practice based on these photos. Below are a few tips to help your before and after photos look their very best and help convert website visitors into cases.


  1. Use a high quality camera. You will want to capture a clear, high resolution documentation of the case. But be sure to choose a camera that you can operate easily and efficiently.
  2. Take full face before and after photos. When you correct or makeover a patients smile it changes their whole appearance, so show it off….with their permission of course.
  3. Be consistent. Take the photos from the same angle or position and in the place every time. Use the same format for displaying the case; this will give you gallery a clean uniform look. Example:bna_example
    (photo courtesy of Michigan Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Brett Magnuson)


  1. No retractors. Potential patient are typically already fearful of the dentist, retractors do not look comfortable and can turn people away. Take the retractors out and have the patient say cheese.
  2. No implant posts. Implant posts are even scarier than retractors. Even if a patient is suffering for wearing dentures or a partial, this can frighten them away.
  3. Don’t display every case. That’s right, be selective. Quality over quantity always wins and if you bring the most dramatic case to the front you will make a great first impression.

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