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Seattle Dentists Launch Newly Redesigned Practice Website

Kois Dentistry Undergoes Website Redesign

Dr. Dean Kois and his team at Kois Dentistry have created a new look for their website, designed as a comprehensive resource for patients. Seattle, WA—According to Seattle prosthodontist Dean E. Kois, DMD, MSD, the best dental care goes beyond the treatments performed within the office—it extends to all facets…

Cache Clearing: What, Why, When, & How?

Discover the what, why, when, and how of cache clearing.

Have you ever been told to “clear your cache” when experiencing website problems? This is commonly the first piece of advice given to people who come across issues related to how a webpage should look versus what they’re actually seeing. While simply “clearing your cache” in these instances is often…

From Click to Conversion: How to Optimize Custom Pages

Benefits of custom landing pages

We’ve discussed the importance of landing pages before, but we haven’t gone into great detail about custom pages. Much more than simply attractive places to land after clicking an ad, link, or search result—although they are also that—custom landing pages can dramatically boost your conversion rate. Of course, not all…

What are UTM Parameters?

What are UTM parameters?

We know that social media can be a powerful and economical platform for medical and dental practices to expand their patient base—yet measuring the success of social media marketing can be a little less explicit for service-oriented businesses when compared to a product-based enterprise. Unlike food or retail, people in…