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What Factors Are Considered When Determining an AdWords Budget?


Google AdWords, also known as Pay-Per-Click or PPC, is one of the most important advertising tools in today’s online marketing arsenal. AdWords allows for a sustained advertising campaign for your practice across a variety of digital platforms – including desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets – and it can be customized…

How Much Should SEO Cost?


What is the right amount to spend on SEO services for your practice’s website? The truth is, it really depends on who you’re working with. Ultimately, when it comes to the cost of SEO, you should be seeking out the best possible service, not the “best deal” or lowest price….

Coronado Classic Dentistry Reveals New Responsive Website with Coastal-Inspired Design


Coronado Classic Dentistry unveils a custom website combining simple navigation elements, clean design, and comprehensive dental resources to deliver an optimal user experience. Coronado, CA – Recently, Coronado Classic Dentistry launched its elegant new website. For San Diego dentist Jason Keckley, DMD, creating a state-of-the-art site that catered to the…

Reasons Why You Should Be on Social Media


Many medical and dental practices are still on the fence when it comes to investing in a strong social media presence. While the majority of practices have set up basic Facebook accounts, many are unclear as to whether developing their social media imprint is worth the time, money, and effort….

RM Answers Your Social Media FAQs


For many people, social media (SM) is confusing enough as it is. Trying to understand SM and how it works can often be frustrating and time consuming, which is one of the reasons why it makes sense to leave it to the professionals. While having someone manage your social media…