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The Top 5 RM Blogs of 2022 to Boost Your Digital Marketing Strategy in 2023

Top 5 RM Blogs of 2022 to Boost Your 2023 Marketing Strategy

At Rosemont Media, we are dedicated to helping our clients optimize their online presence and overall digital marketing strategy. In pursuit of this goal, our team works tirelessly to remain up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best practices. From innovative website design to impactful medical and dental search-engine optimization…

How to Build Your Email List

How to Build Your Email List

Building a practice email list is just one of the many marketing strategies we have available to us today, and can be among the most effective communication channels for the success of your practice and campaigns. With a concrete email list, your medical or dental practice can create personalized emails…

How to Get People to Open Your Emails

How to get people to open your emails

There is arguably no other platform of connection that has remained resolute in its relevance quite like email. The amount of people who are not bombarded by an onslaught of new messages every day are few and far between, a reality that has most users sweeping uninteresting correspondence into an…

Digital Marketing Quiz: Is Your Practice Website Up to Date?

Test your medical or dental marketing skills with our quiz!

Today’s patients spend a hefty chunk of time researching medical and dental options from the convenience of their smartphones, laptops, and other mobile devices. Furthermore, digital reputation management is more important than ever, with many patients turning to social media and online reviews to make informed decisions about their care….

When Is the Best Time to Send Email Blasts?

When is the best time and day to send dental or medical email marketing campaigns?

Many of us are bombarded by numerous emails every day, and the fuller our inbox gets, the less likely we are to read messages in their entirety — let alone open certain emails at all. This is why when it comes to planning your own email marketing campaigns, timing is…

Digital Asset Optimization: How It Makes You Stand Out in Search Results

How to optimize your digital assets

All digital assets have value and are an important part of your practice identity—from your branded images and website content to your local listings and directory bios. After spending so much time creating these online resources and materials, you want to make sure they’re contributing to your online presence. This…

Why Ethical Marketing Matters

Why Ethical Marketing Is Important for Dental and Medical Practices

It’s no secret that technology has changed the landscape of how people make decisions about the goods and services they elect to consume. The internet has empowered patients everywhere to become more educated and proactive about their healthcare decisions, creating a need for information that can, in part, be fulfilled…