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What Should a Medical or Dental Website Cost in 2019?

What Should a Medical or Dental Website Cost in 2019?

Would you ever advise someone to select a healthcare professional based on price alone? Sure, cost can certainly factor into the ultimate decision between two physicians, but you’d most likely counsel a prospective patient to first delve deeper into exactly why one doctor’s fee is higher than another. Perhaps one…

Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon Announces Newly Redesigned Website

Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon Dr. Joseph DiBello Launches a New Website for His Practice

Dr. Joseph DiBello, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Philadelphia, recently launched a new responsive website for his practice, in an effort to help boost patient education. Philadelphia, PA — Seeking to improve the online experience for potential and current patients alike, Philadelphia plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph DiBello recently partnered with…

Cache Clearing: What, Why, When, & How?

Discover the what, why, when, and how of cache clearing.

Have you ever been told to “clear your cache” when experiencing website problems? This is commonly the first piece of advice given to people who come across issues related to how a webpage should look versus what they’re actually seeing. While simply “clearing your cache” in these instances is often…

Leesburg Plastic Surgeon Announces Newly Designed Practice Website

Dr. Parva announces new responsive website design

Behzad Parva, MD reveals an updated look for his plastic surgery practice’s website, including an enhanced photo gallery, responsive capabilities, and a modern aesthetic. Leesburg, VA — Dr. Behzad Parva, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Leesburg, recently upgraded his practice’s website with a new, modern design. The online resource serves…