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The Importance of a Mobile-Friendly Website

Why is it important for doctors and dentists to have a mobile-friendly website?

An extraordinary number of people on Facebook and other social media platforms access their accounts on a mobile device. This phenomenon became especially prevalent a few years ago, when Google essentially laid down the gauntlet when it comes to mobile design technology by updating its ranking algorithms. Now, mobile-friendly sites…

Why You Should Work With a Marketing Agency That Specializes in Your Field

Benefits of working with a marketing company that specializes in healthcare

When you need something done right the first time, you call an expert—especially when the circumstances demand attention to detail and specialized knowledge of the task at hand. The same should be true of your website and online marketing efforts. For medical, dental, and aesthetic practices, this means choosing a…

Should Medical and Dental Practices Respond to Client Reviews?

Why doctors and dentists should respond to positive patient reviews

Testimonials are more important than ever to a business’s reputation. Not only can they help improve your search rankings (more on that later), but they are also an important part of managing your online reputation. Indeed, according to BrightLocal’s 2022 Local Customer Review Survey, 77% of consumers regularly read reviews…

Digital Asset Optimization: How It Makes You Stand Out in Search Results

How to optimize your digital assets

All digital assets have value and are an important part of your practice identity—from your branded images and website content to your local listings and directory bios. After spending so much time creating these online resources and materials, you want to make sure they’re contributing to your online presence. This…

Why DIY Websites Often Fall Short for Dental and Medical Practices

Why DIY websites from services like Wix and Squarespace typically can't meet the needs of doctors and dentists

When first starting out, many small businesses opt to utilize a website design service that offers customizable, professional-looking templates. While these DIY websites serve a real purpose and can help a business initiate its online presence, the restrictive nature of a template website can eventually become a hindrance. When it…