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Industry Jargon Explained: Black Hat

What does black hat mean?

We get it – when you don’t have time to habitually familiarize yourself with Internet marketing lingo in between patient visits, website jargon can be downright confusing. To help you better understand various industry terms that pertain to your online marketing strategy, we periodically define commonly-used terminology on our blog….

Building a Diverse Link Portfolio

How to create link-worthy content & build a diverse portfolio of quality backlinks to boost SEO.

Digital content marketing is an ever-evolving field, and keeping up with the latest trends and strategies can oftentimes seem overwhelming. Techniques that worked well in the not-so-distant past are constantly being revised in response to new policies and search algorithms. In recent years, Google has placed a much stronger emphasis…

What Is Yext, and How Does It Improve Local SEO?

What is yext?

Achieving a high-ranking position on Google Local listings relies not only on your practice’s Google reviews, but also on how your practice’s contact information is displayed on various third-party directory sites. These listings are often referred to as “business citations” or “NAP” (business name, address, phone number). With the number…

Why Should I “Google My Business”?

Word of mouth can be great for business, but inspiring people to choose your practice these days requires you to have a well-established presence online. Patients are utilizing Internet searches and review outlets to find medical and dental professionals quickly, easily, and reliably. In addition to having a responsive website…