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How Much Should SEO Cost?

How much should SEO cost?

What is the right amount to spend on SEO services for your practice’s website? The truth is, it really depends on the competitiveness of your marketplace and who you’re working with. Ultimately, when it comes to the cost of SEO, you should be seeking out the best possible service, not…

Does Your SEO Strategy Need a Checkup?

Does Your SEO Strategy Need a Checkup?

As medical doctors and dentists, you know the importance of regular checkups. Not only do these visits help patients maintain optimal health, they can also assist in identifying and/or preventing certain – potentially serious – conditions before symptoms begin to manifest. Just as people need routine examinations, the same can…


SEO vs. SEM for Medical Doctors and Dentists

Search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) are popular buzz terms in the digital world. If you have a website for your medical or dental practice, there’s a good chance you’ve heard both used—sometimes interchangeably—to describe efforts that aim to boost traffic and enhance brand awareness online. Although…

Balancing SEO, Content Marketing, & Social Media for Maximum Online Impact

Balancing SEO, Content Marketing & Social Media for Maximum Online Impact

There are several ways to develop great website visibility and generate brand recognition online, but it’s only when you combine various marketing tools that your practice can achieve its full potential. The online elective healthcare marketplace has evolved considerably in just the past couple of years, and these latest developments…

The 5 Types of Keyword Matches on Google Ads

The 5 Types of Keyword Matches on Google Ads

Google Ads (formerly called AdWords) can be a valuable tool for directing people’s attention to your practice and at the most opportune time—when they’re searching for the services you offer. To make your Google Ads campaigns as effective as possible, you must first understand the different match types you can…