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How Social Media Affects SEO


Social media has become an important component of a successful online marketing strategy. Many businesses have begun participating in platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and while certain benefits may be obvious, the impact one’s social networking has on their SEO is a bit of a mystery. The question of how…

Rosemont Media Exhibiting at AACD 2016


One of our favorite activities at Rosemont Media is interacting face-to-face with our clients. This is why we’re excited to announce RM will be exhibiting at the 2016 American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) Scientific Session from April 27-30th. Held in Toronto, Canada, this innovative conference will be focusing on…

A 2016 Valentine’s Day Poem from Rosemont Media


Roses are red; Violets are blue. Here’s why social media Is essential for you. Patients want a doctor Who’s engaged and up-to-date. Someone who’s accessible, Even from out of state. Social media helps this cause By providing the perfect platform; One that allows you to stay in touch, Distinguishing you…

6 Predictions for Search Engine Marketing in 2016


Bells are ringing, balls are dropping, and search engine marketing is advancing. Before we drink too deeply from our glasses of cheer, our CEO, Keith Humes, offers his take on how 2016 will alter the online experience for the elective healthcare industry. Looking back on 2015, he accurately forecasted the…

Tracking the Elusive Social Media Strategy


Do surgeons and dentists really need a Facebook page? Absolutely. Statistical evidence from numerous studies shows that medical professionals should establish and maintain a social media presence as part of their overall online marketing plan – patients want a doctor who’s accessible, engaged, and up-to-date across all aspects of their…

Why You Need A Social Cheerleader


Chances are if you’ve visited the Rosemont Media Facebook page, you’ve interacted with one of these super ladies pictured here. In addition to keeping RM in the social spotlight, they also do the same for our RM Social customers. In case you’ve been wondering if adding social marketing to your…

Why You Need to Be Marketing to Mobile Facebook Users


In this day and age, everyone seems glued to their smartphone. People are becoming so dependent that some are considered “nomophobic” – in other words, they experience anxiety from being separated from their mobile phone. As a culture that is so reliant on its mobile devices, some individuals may wonder…what…

Should Doctors Use Social Media?


Dr. Edward Shukovsky, one of our dental clients, used to be hesitant about the idea of social media marketing. Today, he is happy to be working with Rosemont Media to create customized social media posts that help him stay connected with his patients. So what changed his mind? The power…

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