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Facebook Engagement: Going Beyond ‘Likes’

Go beyond likes on social media to create meaningful interaction that benefits your brand.

Social media offers elective healthcare practices an opportunity to increase brand awareness among a target demographic and build rapport with online audiences. While many of us may feel satisfied by generating personal Facebook posts that attract ‘likes,’ achieving social media marketing success in competitive markets requires a more advanced level…

Which Facebook Posts Should You Promote?

Which Facebook Posts Should I Promote?

By now you might be aware that promoting Facebook posts can benefit your practice, but how do you decide which posts to promote? Should you really promote all your Facebook posts? Well, would you create a billboard featuring every single conversation you’ve had with a patient or colleague? Probably not….

Using Social Media to Increase and Measure Brand Awareness

Using Social Media to Increase and Measure Brand Awareness

Cultivating brand awareness is a vital component of any successful website marketing strategy. In the online marketplace, Facebook pages and other social outlets can function as dynamic digital business cards that represent the unique qualities of your brand, showcase the products and services you offer, and deliver engaging messaging directly…

Digital Asset Optimization: How It Makes You Stand Out in Search Results

How Optimizing Digital Assets Makes You Stand Out in SERPs

All digital assets have value and are an important part of your practice identity—from your branded images and website content to your local listings and directory bios. After spending so much time creating these online resources and materials, you want to make sure they’re contributing to your online presence. This…

The Importance of Managing and Controlling Your Internet Portfolio

The Importance of Managing Your Internet Portfolio

Just as you would diligently protect and manage your own home and your office, it is important that you are taking excellent care of your web presence, as well. In addition to your medical or dental website, there are several other Internet assets that relate to the services you provide,…

Rosemont Media CEO Keith Humes to Discuss Dental Social Media Marketing in Upcoming AACD Summer Bootcamp Course

Rosemont Media CEO Keith Humes to provide dental social media marketing tips at AACD's summer bootcamp course

On Friday, July 31st, 2020 at 9am PDT (11am CDT), Rosemont Media CEO Keith Humes, along with other healthcare marketing professionals, will be a panelist for AACD’s Dental Social Media Summer Bootcamp. The course is free for all attendees, and is open to anyone, including non-AACD members. During the course,…

Top 5 Content Marketing Myths

Top 5 Content Marketing Myths

In today’s age of digital marketing, content is king. However, as you probably know, not just any content can rule the search engine results pages (SERPs)—content marketing involves a very specific way of writing that takes the “rules” of SEO into consideration while still prioritizing the reader. Unfortunately, these “rules”…

AACD and Rosemont Media “Reopening Your Dental Practice” Webinar

Tips for Reopening Dental Practices

It looks like the tide is finally beginning to turn for dental practices across the country after months of closed doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With that in mind, many offices are very cautiously reopening for elective dental care, looking to their local governments, public health agencies, and organizations…