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Why Increasing Facebook Ad Spend Is Important in Today’s Market

Why Increasing Facebook Ad Spend Is Important for Surgeons & Dentists

Let’s face it—Facebook is too big of a social media and advertising powerhouse to ignore. As one of the first platforms able to uniquely target potential patients based on their demographic details, Facebook presents a major opportunity for services that rely on niche marketing. With this in mind, it is…

How to Engage in Your Own Social Media Marketing

How to Engage in Your Own Social Media Marketing Plan

So, you’ve accepted that your practice needs social media marketing. You’re posting with hashtags, promoting content regularly, and even incorporating social video marketing into your strategy—but what if that’s not enough to create a robust social media marketing plan? According to research by RealSelf, 89% of people want their physicians…

RM Answers Your Social Media FAQs

Rosemont Media answers social media marketing FAQs

For many people, social media (SM) is confusing enough as it is. Trying to understand SM and how it works can often be frustrating and time consuming, which is one of the reasons why it makes sense to leave it to the professionals. While having someone manage your social media…

Does My Practice Really Need to Be on Facebook?

Why It’s Important for Elective Health Care Practices to Be on Facebook

Facebook is routinely in the news—and not always to positive acclaim—so you may wonder if you really need to create a business profile on this sometimes-controversial social media platform. The answer is that in the current elective healthcare market, establishing a social media presence for your practice on Facebook has…

The Value of Social Media for Business

The value of social media for medical or dental practices

Social media has become a highly influential component of any brand’s marketing efforts. As medical and dental practices dive into the world of social media for business, one of the first questions they ask is: “How do I know if it’s working?” If you’re investing time and money into your…

Reposts: Resourceful Instagram Content Generation

Benefits of Reposting Content on Instagram

When asked how frequently brands should post to Instagram, a celebrated social media expert recently asserted that “the best posting frequency for Instagram is the posting frequency that you can consistently maintain for the rest of your natural life.” Your. Natural. Life. A lifetime of content is quite a quantity…