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Tracking the Elusive Social Media Strategy


Do surgeons and dentists really need a Facebook page? Absolutely. Statistical evidence from numerous studies shows that medical professionals should establish and maintain a social media presence as part of their overall online marketing plan – patients want a doctor who’s accessible, engaged, and up-to-date across all aspects of their…

Personalizing Your Social Media Marketing Posts


Our last blog post on social media marketing discussed how it’s imperative to stay involved with your social strategy. Many people create automated, generic social posts to generate constant activity on their social pages without having to dedicate much time or effort. We hate to break it to you, but…

How to Engage in Your Own Social Media Marketing


So, you’ve accepted that your practice needs social media marketing – you’re posting with hashtags, promoting Facebook content regularly, and even incorporating social video marketing into your strategy… but what if I told you that’s not enough to create a robust social media marketing plan? According to a recent study,…

Industry Jargon Explained: Black Hat


We get it – when you don’t have time to habitually familiarize yourself with Internet marketing lingo in between patient visits, website jargon can be downright confusing. To help you better understand various industry terms that pertain to your online marketing strategy, we periodically define commonly-used terminology on our blog….

Which Social Sites Should I Use?


Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, oh my! There are hundreds if not thousands of social networking sites currently dotting the web, and the underlying function of each one is to connect individuals and businesses with other individuals. Before we launch into our recommendations for the social sites your dental or medical…