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AACD and Rosemont Media “Reopening Your Dental Practice” Webinar

Tips for Reopening Dental Practices

It looks like the tide is finally beginning to turn for dental practices across the country after months of closed doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With that in mind, many offices are very cautiously reopening for elective dental care, looking to their local governments, public health agencies, and organizations…

Creating Strategic Specials & Promotions to Welcome Patients Back

How to offer promotions to welcome patients back to your medical or dental practice

Without the ability to get aesthetic treatments amidst the COVID-19 stay-at-home orders, many men and women have gotten anxious to pursue elective dental treatments and plastic surgery procedures. Being stuck at home has allowed people more time to research various treatments they had been considering. This is especially apparent with…

New Google Algorithm Update Reinforces Worth of Fresh, Quality Content

What to expect with Google's May 2020 Core Update

Earlier this month, Google confirmed the launch of a new broad core algorithm update, officially designated the “May 2020 Core Update.” Per usual, this broad core update has continued to roll out over the course of several days, leaving a search results shake-up in its wake. Predictably, some websites have…

9 Strategies for Boosting Business as Restrictions Ease

How can you boost business for your dental or medical practice now that COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted?

As more and more states begin to lighten COVID-19 restrictions, now is an ideal time to start implementing—or, at the very least, begin considering how to implement—strategies for ramping business back up at your medical or dental practice. To assist you in doing so, Rosemont Media has put together nine…

How to Connect with Patients During a Crisis

How to connect with patients during a crisis

With the current social restructuring demanded by a worldwide pandemic, we now find ourselves yearning for connection more than ever. This is a rare moment in history in which the majority of people across the world—regardless of their age, gender, location, or socioeconomic status—are facing similar disruptions to their daily…

Virtual Consultations During COVID-19: How to Get Started

How to set up virtual consultations for your dental or medical practice

Telemedicine has dramatically increased as the COVID-19 pandemic requires the continued effort of social distancing. While these virtual doctor visits were already being offered by many healthcare providers, they have become the safest option for many doctors to see new patients until the COVID-19 pandemic subsides. The Centers for Disease…