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5 SEO Mistakes That Are Easy to Make

5 common SEO mistakes

Let’s face it—SEO can be confusing, and sometimes it might not be clear when you’re doing something wrong. This is especially true when certain tactics that were formerly considered useful become black hat SEO strategies. Staying on top of best practices to avoid these errors can be difficult when you…

Why You Need a Content Marketing Strategy

Benefits of a content marketing strategy for surgeons and dentists

Let us paint you a picture: let’s say you have a birdhouse in your yard that you enjoy having feathered occupants in each year — but this year is different. This year, that family of bluebirds for whom you so graciously built a home to attract last year has decided…

How to Personalize Your Dental or Medical Practice’s Blog

How to Personalize Your Medical or Dental Blog

We know that establishing your website’s online presence requires an equal blend of content marketing, social media marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO). We also know that an informative, well-researched blog can contribute to a sturdy, respectable social media presence. All of these tools can make up a marketing strategy…