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Avoid These 5 Private Practice Instagram Pitfalls

Watch out for these 5 Instagram pitfalls

What began as a gradual shift has become a full-on movement. Instagram is having its “Facebook moment.” Brands large and small have caught on to the marketing potential of the image-sharing platform, leading us into an age in which Instagram presence has become a key component of a comprehensive online…

Why Ethical Marketing Matters

Why Ethical Marketing Is Important for Dental and Medical Practices

It’s no secret that technology has changed the landscape of how people make decisions about the goods and services they elect to consume. The internet has empowered patients everywhere to become more educated and proactive about their healthcare decisions, creating a need for information that can, in part, be fulfilled…

How to Get the Most Out of Your Marketing

How can you get the most out of your online marketing plan?

In today’s world, you likely have at least passing familiarity with the online tools that can be leveraged to help grow your medical practice. When utilized correctly, social media and content marketing combined with personalized SEO strategies can achieve an impressive number of goals for your business: engaging your patients,…

How Your Website Promotes Patient Education

How your dental or medical website promotes patient education

Having a combination of effective content marketing efforts within your website (like treatment pages and blogs), as well as visual components (such as video testimonials and a before-and-after photo gallery) can empower viewers to be more knowledgeable and proactive about their healthcare. We often tell our RM clients that an…

How to Generate Blog Topics Patients Will Want to Read

How to write blogs your medical or dental patients will want to read

Consistent blogging is an important part of maintaining a strong and successful content marketing strategy. But what’s the point if no one is reading your blogs? The whole purpose of blogging is to bring patients to your website, so how do you grab their interest? Put yourself in their shoes:…