Effectively Marketing your Dental Practice with Internet Video – Part 2: Video Players

In addition to having great video content, how your message is being delivered via the web is very important. The biggest breakthrough with online video came with the advent of flash video players. Flash players have become the standard due to the fact that most computers come  have flash installed. Flash files gives the ability to compress high resolution images down to a much smaller file size enabling quicker down loads and because flash is already installed on 99% of computers there is no need to download a player. The success of YouTube has come as a result of flash videos, their breakthrough technology converts any video file into a flash file so all can see and further more organizes the videos in a search engine format so consumers can easily find what videos they are looking for.

If you are considering enhancing your website with video the choice is pretty clear, make sure you utilize a flash video player to create the best user experience. You have  a couple of options when it comes to flash players.

•    The 1st option is free take your video submit it to YouTube and will it convert it into a flash file with a player. It will also give you an embed code you can give to your web designer to install on your site. The downside is you do not own it and it streams from YouTube so consumers may get enticed to watch additional videos of potential competitors.
•    Have a web company that specializes in video convert you video into a flash file and embed a flash player on your site. This is typically a onetime fee which is great, however, the quality is not going to be as good as streaming video.
•    Streaming video is your best solution for high quality video streaming and organization. If you have a lot video, this is your best option. You typically need to pay a company an ongoing fee to provide this service, but the company may also have a lot of different options when it comes to single and multi video players.

The presentation of video is a key element. Make sure you select the best option for your needs. Feel free to contact Rosemont Media for more information.

Streaming Flash Multi Video Player

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Keith Humes


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