Rosemont Media Recaps AACD 2012 Meeting in Washington, DC

As things return to normal here at the office following the trade show madness of early May, I want to thank some of our fantastic clients for coming out to see us at the booth, and cover some of the highlights of the AACD 2012 show.

Thanks to the RM Team

During the rush of the conference, among the courses and slew of exhibitors, a number of our clients found their way to the Rosemont Media booth. A special thanks to Dr. Coombs, Dr. Fulbright, the entire Great Neck team, Dr. Haggard, Dr. Magnuson, Drs. Romano and Vaccaro, Dr. Salazar, Dr. Schor, Dr. Santone, and Dr. Hadley. We really appreciate your support, and thank you for coming out, it was great to see you all.

Highlights from the AACD 2012

The welcome reception for this year’s AACD conference was held at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington, DC. It was a great venue and a lot of fun to interact with everyone at the conference in such an amazing setting. The excitement of the opening reception wasn’t lost on anyone there, as the buzz throughout the museum could be heard from all over.

The appearance of our booth was hot topic, as we received a number of compliments about the style and overall aesthetic quality. We were really happy with the way it turned out and look forward to elevating the level of exhibition at the show once again in 2013.

Another hot topic we discussed with a number of our clients as well as the new faces we met was the importance of market exclusivity. Along with the need for custom website design and a marketing strategy built specifically around the practice’s needs, the majority of those we spoke with were curious about this aspect of our business.

I explained that market exclusivity preserves the local reach of the practice, and ensures they are not competing with a practice utilizing the same proven marketing methods. However, I also hit on the fact that all three aspects are essential to a successful online campaign because without custom design and marketing, including social media and mobile campaigns, exclusivity alone is not able to accomplish the practice’s goals.

This was actually a related topic we discussed with those we met throughout the conference. Custom dental websites are experiencing a bit of a revival as practice’s realize template websites are not for the high-end practice.

Final Thoughts

As we settle back into the office in San Diego and begin to think about the rest of summer and 2012, including our iPad Giveaway contest, I have to say I really enjoyed myself at this year’s meeting, and had a lot of fun introducing Mark, one of the latest additions to our dental marketing team, to the excitement of the AACD atmosphere. Hope to see you in 2013.

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Keith Humes


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