Mobile Website Mondays: More Mobile Americans Checking Email

Nearly 90 million Americans used their mobile phones to access email toward the end of 2011, which represents almost a 30% increase over the previous year, according to a recent report from comScore, Inc. [1] That means an additional 20 million Americans, or 2 in 5 mobile users, are checking emails on their mobile phones.

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More Americans Using Email on their Mobile Devices

What does this Increase Mean for your Aesthetic Healthcare Practice?

As Americans become more mobile, and comfortable with the technology, the demand for a better experience will increase as well. While still the norm for many sites, forcing visitors to continue to navigate through your full website instead of an optimized mobile version will increasingly affect total traffic and the likelihood of making a connection with a potential patient.

As mobile traffic on our sites continues to grow, we’re seeing the need for specific dental and medical mobile website design and marketing strategies. If you’re still on then fence, take a moment to read through some of our Mobile Monday posts, and then visit our Facebook page and let us know what you think.

In a recent interview with our CEO Keith Humes, he offered the following for anyone considering the need for a presence in the mobile atmosphere. Visit our Facebook page and let us know what you think about mobile and how often you check your email on your mobile device.

“An optimized mobile version of your current website provides a streamlined user experience and seamless access to your entire site. This is honestly the only way to go. Mobile apps or m. versions both have their own set of drawbacks, including duplicate content concerns and limited use of your plastic surgery or cosmetic dentistry site.”

[1] U.S. Mobile Email Audience Grows by Nearly 20 Million Users in the Past Year

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