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Over Half of Mobile Website Search Clicks Turn into Calls

In a study recently conducted by xAd concerning local mobile ad data from Q4 2011 [1], the most frequent action mobile users took after viewing an ad on their mobile device was placing a call to the business. The second most frequent action was visiting the map and/or looking up directions.

According to the xAd study, the company delivered over 1 billion locally-targeted ads, which resulted in 1.3 million calls being placed and over 730,000 drive-tos or walk-ins (based on those users accessing maps) to local businesses.

While this stat alone is impressive, the study also shows a huge increase in mobile-local search traffic alone, with an increase of 60% from Q3 to Q4 2011. That’s a lot of eyes potentially looking for your practice and the mobile version of your site.

[1] xAd sourced from Search Engine Land.

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