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Who is Using a Mobile Device to Access My Site? Surprising Stat

Despite the rapid growth of mobile users over the past year, many businesses have opted out of building a mobile website because they believe their specific audience is not using a smartphone. Here are some surprising statistics regarding the demographic of smartphone users recently released by comScore. Hint: it isn’t the technologically sophisticated 13-24 crowd you’d expect.

If you look at the chart above, smartphone users in 45-54, and 55+ demographic actually outnumber the younger users. Additionally, the 55+ smartphone adoption rate has doubled since last year.

Who is Your Ideal Patient?

As you can see from the statistics above, a significant portion of each age group is using the mobile web. Yet only 11% of businesses have currently developed a mobile website and a mobile marketing strategy.

Think of your ideal patient? Age, gender, education, affluence?

As people flock to sites using their mobile devices, mobile simply provides another point of contact to help your potential patients distinguish you from the competition.

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