How Video Can Protect Your Reputation and Increase Brand Awareness

Studies Show Video and Rich Media Boost Site Visits and Brand Engagement

From Kony 2012 to the Honey Badger on YouTube, videos are one of the most effective tools on the Internet right now for engaging consumers and circulating information rapidly. But your video doesn’t have to go viral to have a drastic impact on your potential patient base. Using smart marketing tactics and a comprehensive advertising strategy, you can add some flavor to static content and bland pages.

Videos have the power to satisfy fundamental needs in your patients’ online tendencies, and, knowing how to wield them wisely, you can develop stronger brand recognition and patient interaction. And if you’re not ready for video optimization, other tactics such as providing users with rich, dynamic content on your site can help create a captivating, lasting point of reference in the mind of your patients.

In fact, several recent studies from MediaMind found that web users exposed to a campaign that included rich media display advertisements were 2.8 times as likely to end up on that website than those who saw only standard banner ads. And to drive home the point even further, the same study shows that those exposed to banners with online video were 5.6 times as likely to visit the website.

What this tells us is that enriched media has incredible sticking power, and patients who see an engaging banner are more likely to view your site. Not only are the effects felt in site visits, but also brand recognition and reputation. The same MediaMind study showed that web users who did not click on the ad the first time they saw it, but who later visited the marketer’s site were about twice as likely to be driven to do so by video or rich media as opposed to standard banners.

This shows that while patients may not have clicked on your banner ad immediately, the rich media and video advertisement formed a more lasting impression that ultimately led them back to your practice.

Similar studies have shown that video ranks second to mobile as the leading channel marketers say they will increase spending on in the upcoming year. With market researchers expecting the influence of video to increase in importance, we think adding video and rich media to your advertising campaign could be a pivotal decision in your online success.

Whether you use an interactive scroll, dynamic images, or video content, try to find a way to plant fruitful seeds that will yield commanding retention value in your patients’ online experience. Sowing the right seeds will help your practice’s name grow the deep roots of a recognizable brand and a widely viewed website.

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