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Rosemont Media and CEO Keith Humes in the News

November is online reputation management month on the Rosemont Review, the search engine marketing blog at Rosemont Media. Topics to be discussed will include how a proactive strategy can enhance brand awareness and help aesthetic healthcare practices reach new patients. As part of the month-long series, the medical and dental marketing firm will be giving away Zappos gift certificates for poignant and engaging questions posted to their new Facebook page feature called “Keith’s Corner.”

In the next month-long series on the Rosemont Review, Rosemont Media will offer basic definitions and tips for online reputation management in the aesthetic healthcare industry. CEO Keith Humes says the series is designed to help cosmetic dentistry and plastic surgery practices develop a proactive strategy that can increase aesthetic healthcare brand awareness and reach new patients. Humes adds that the medical and dental marketing firm will be giving away Zappos gift certificates throughout the month of November for particularly inspiring and insightful feedback posted to the Rosemont Media Facebook page, as part of the new “Keith’s Corner” fixture there.

The first post in the series, “Aesthetic Healthcare Online Reputation Management,” outlines the basics of online reputation management, and offers several questions to consider in assessing the need for a proactive strategy. Humes says this need should be apparent as an increasing number of patients turn to the internet to research healthcare practices before scheduling an appointment. “Our clients’ brands are front and center as patients navigate through their websites and related search results. Proactive online reputation management must be a part of any advertising campaign because of the positive influence it has on the strength of that brand.”

The second post in the series, “Manage Your Online Reputation by Building a Better Brand,” not only discusses the importance of a strong, cohesive brand, but also offers three action steps aesthetic healthcare practices can take today to begin building a better brand, thus strengthening the patient-doctor relationship.

As the series continues, Humes says the search engine marketing blog will discuss how a proactive strategy can improve website performance, and ultimately help practices reach new patients. Because of the overall importance of this topic, Humes says he will be introducing a new fixture to the Rosemont Media Facebook page called “Keith’s Corner.”

Every Friday, fans of the Rosemont Media Facebook page will have the opportunity to interact with Humes and post questions about RM services and products, such as medical and dental website design, as well as developing trends in aesthetic healthcare search engine marketing. “We want to establish an open and consistent forum where we can engage with our community at a higher level. We also want to inspire our clients to do the same within their patient communities because it’s essential to social media success. In the end, it’s easy to say you’re a social media expert, but we think it’s better to act like one.”

Humes says to start “Keith’s Corner” off with a bang, November will also be New Shoe month. “Every Friday, we’ll be giving away Zappos gift certificates for Facebook comments that offer especially compelling content based on our monthly blog series. We’re covering online reputation management this month, and want to know how we can help our community begin to develop a proactive strategy.”

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The Rosemont Review is the aesthetic healthcare blog of Rosemont Media, an firm concentrating on online advertising and dental and medical website design. As the modern ad agency, Rosemont Media combines a traditional approach to advertising with cutting-edge search engine marketing tools and services to help their aesthetic healthcare clients turn new patients into returning patients, and returning patients into loyal practice advocates.

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