2013 Predictions for Search Engine Marketing

With 2012 packed up and ready for the archives, we’re taking one final look back before we dive headfirst into our annual predictions post.

Self-serving disclaimer: If we’re guilty of any wrongs, it’s not that we’re on the wrong path, just that we got a little ahead of ourselves. Keith’s magic 8 ball just gives us the facts and leaves it up to him to decide when and where the future will show up.

But how did the Rosemont Media CEO’s 2012 predictions hold up over the course of the year? Let’s grade them.

Google+ as Facebook Competitor = It is decidedly so

In terms of a Facebook competitor, I think it’s hard to argue against the success and further potential of Google+. The search engine behemoth forced themselves into relevance by basically requiring any business that wanted a local page to sign up for a Google+ page, which meant that business owners had to do the same. Hello instant super social community.

Keith’s rebuttal: Google+ and author tags have forever changed the look and the landscape of Google search. Author tags will continue to influence the way search engines work in regards to authority and gaining the trust of your audience.

More Effective Mobile Ads = Outlook good

Are mobile ads still a little hard on the eyes and unappealing? Yes. However, they are extremely effective and poised to become more so. As mobile users continue to increase consumption of data on their devices, the clamor for better, less-intrusive advertising grows. The opportunity is there, the technology just needs to catch up. We’ve got a sense of when this will happen, but that comes later.

Keith’s Rebuttal: 2012 saw yet another year of incredible mobile ad revenue growth of 95% with Google and Facebook leading the charge. If you haven’t considered mobile as a viable source of patient growth, 2013 is your year. If there’s still some doubt swirling around the office, check out these two articles.

Internet ad revenue hits $17B, mobile ad revenues double in first half of 2012
US Mobile Ad Projections Revised Upward: $2.6 Billion In 2012

White Space Devices, or Just White Noise? Reply hazy. Try again later

Another case of jumping the gun, but not entirely off-base. White space devices are very real, but we’re still in the infancy of readily available Super Wi-Fi. Stay tuned.

Keith’s rebuttal: While we did not see much on the horizon for a new powerful wifi technology (I think this may be more of a 2017 prediction), we did see some amazing new wireless speeds from the LTE technology that made everyone’s new iPhone 5 scream.

Rapid Fire 2012 Predictions and Answers

Android OS and Google Chrome Challenge the PC: Better not tell you now

Keith’s rebuttal: Because the Google Chrome Book starts at $249, it definitely makes it affordable for all to be on the web. Mobile devices and tablets of all shapes and sizes have also made it extremely affordable for all walks of life to be connected. This will continue to be an interesting storyline.
Improved Facebook Ads Allow for Creation of Better Customer Profiles
Mobile Affects Ranking Criteria for Search Engines
Wild Card: a New Platform or Technology Will Emerge and Forever Change us All: Concentrate and ask again

2013 Predictions: Search Engines, SEO, Social Media, and Google

Google Turns Up Heat on Spam, Stale Content

We will see more of the same with Google penalizing websites that pursue spammy linking techniques, and have bad or old content. Websites that focus on robust fresh content and offer a better user experience will gain more exposure.

My biggest prediction for 2013 is that Google will finally monetize its local listing or Google places strategy and have a Business listing dashboard to manage the local map listings.

Ad Revenue vs. Quality Engagement will Drive Social Network Growth

Social will face a new set of challenges as the varied social platforms strive to keep people interested and offer ways to better connect with family and friends.

Facebook will have its own set of challenges as they push to grow ad revenues for investors. The ever-important question here: Will ad placement and overall strategy be a deterrent for businesses and consumers? Will Facebook become oversaturated with ads? Facebook will walk the tightrope for much of 2013 as they navigate the push and pull of user engagement vs. investor satisfaction.

Despite the recent struggles Facebook has experienced, without a better user experience on Google+, Facebook will still be king in the social atmosphere.

Mobile Marketing is No Longer a Luxury

Mobile marketing is not the future of internet marketing. It is the present, it is essential, and your patients are waiting for you. If you do not have a mobile plan in place you are missing out on a current opportunity to connect with loyal and potential patients. In the car, at home on the couch, taking a break from work, mobile consumption continues to grow at a rapid rate, so providing users with the best possible experience plays an integral role in how successful your online presence is.

There is still time to develop and plan and get moving, so don’t panic. But the time is now! Take a minute to see how your website looks on a tablet and a phone. What do you see?

Is the site easy to navigate? Do you have to pinch and zoom to read the content? Can you easily click on links and find the contact us page? One recent innovation in the mobile marketing arena is responsive web design, which goes hand-in-hand with mobile accessibility and usability. Basically, this allows scalability onto multiple devices (meaning no matter how patients find your site, they can interact with it from a desktop, a tablet, or a phone). Responsive web design is the next phase of mobile marketing and engagement. You’ll definitely want to stay tuned into this one.

Your Internet Marketing Predictions for 2013

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