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How Much Does SEO Cost for a Dental Practice?

Search engine optimization represents the beating heart of a website’s marketing efforts. If your website’s content and code are optimized with exceptional, proven strategies, the odds are much greater that viewers using major search engines such as Google and Bing will be able to find you in a much quicker and easier way. With stellar dental SEO, your site is better able to climb higher in search engine rankings , giving it greater visibility among those searching for your services. Your website can have the most beautiful design with the most powerful technological tools behind it, but those critical aspects simply will not matter very much if people cannot easily find it on search engines due to poor SEO. This is why an excellent search engine optimization strategy applied to your website is not only one of the best investments you’ll ever make for your practice, but also a long-term investment that can help you dramatically expand your outreach. 

From Initial Investment to Continuous, Long-Term Gains 

Typically an initial budget of $7,500 to $16,000 for SEO and content is recommended if you are just starting out your practice and trying to gain a foothold in the digital landscape. That approximate amount would cover costs of original content and new SEO for a comprehensive website of about 15-20 pages. The cost of dental websites can range depending on the scope and complexity of design features, but general figures of a custom site can land between $6,000 and $20,000. 

Remember: developing a custom website is like building a house from the ground up. A solid foundation is key, and strong dental SEO is a major part of that. You will need an experienced team of dental content writers and ethical SEO experts who genuinely understand what it takes to improve website rankings in specific geographic locations (often very competitive ones). 

Website Content and SEO Serve Each Other to Provide Both Educational and Marketing Benefits 

The depth of content and the intricacies of strategic SEO are mutually beneficial—one should complement the other. To achieve this, the team of dental writers must be well-versed in how to accurately describe specific treatments you offer at your practice and the finer educational details of procedures. You should not have to sacrifice precious time treating patients and running your practice by providing your dental website marketing teams with remedial education on how to present information on basic treatment options. A good marketing company should have content experts onboard who already know this, allowing them to develop effective, optimized content for your website with proven results. Additionally, that content should be reader-focused, offering genuine explanations of various aspects of treatments that the viewer can find both relevant and helpful. Search engines like Google are designed to give preference to content that displays these elements, which is why content and SEO serve as complements to each other, working in tandem to provide an educational experience and the ability to climb higher in search results. 

A Dental SEO Strategy with Sustained Power 

Here at Rosemont Media, our team includes writers, SEO analysts, and consultants who have been studying and implementing dental search engine optimization strategies for decades. One of the most important parts of dental SEO is to consistently maintain and enhance the power of your website’s content marketing efforts. Your dental website can serve as a go-to resource for current patients and prospective patients looking for honest, thorough answers to common questions they may be asking online. To sustain the power of your SEO and help it grow on a continuing basis, your website’s content needs to be refreshed and expanded regularly. Adding new questions and answers to your porcelain veneers page, a new blog post about a topic relating to dental implants or Invisalign®, and new pages highlighting treatments or technologies you’ve adopted at your practice are just a few examples of how you can pump fresh, relevant content into your website and perpetually keep it on the radar of search engines. Plus, it’s a way to maintain your outreach and provide viewers with new information that can help you maintain a reputation as an authority on dental care in your area. Dental practices should budget around $1,000-$2,000 per month to maintain their website content marketing efforts over time. Similar to a 401k retirement contribution: it is a consistent investment in your website that can ultimately make it an asset with the potential to gain value several times over in future months and years. 

With the combination of seasoned dental writers, experienced consultants, talented designers, and skilled developers, our team has helped website after website soar in search engine rankings and significantly escalate the popularity of dental practices in their communities. If you would like to learn more about how you can enhance your dental website’s SEO rankings, or if you are ready to build a brand-new website and make your voice heard in a crowded marketplace, please don’t hesitate to contact Rosemont Media today. 

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