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How Pay Per Click “PPC” can Help Your SEO Efforts

I get this question a lot: “Can PPC help my organic ranking?”

The direct and blunt answer to this question is… no!

Everyone is looking for an angle or advantage when it comes to organic ranking and many people may think spending money on PPC with a large search engine like Google will boost your organic placement. There has never been any evidence that supports this claim.

We know that buying PPC does not have a direct effect on SEO ranking.   But, we need to dive deeper into this question because understanding PPC advertising can really help establish which search terms to focus on for SEO. The main advantage of being involved with keyword driven advertising is to have a good comprehension of the market value of keywords. For example you may have a specific keyword that is important to be found under — but it may also be too cost prohibitive to buy and does not make sense from a client acquisition cost.  This is a great example of a term you may want to focus your SEO efforts on.  Keyword driven advertising is effective in the fact that consumers are typing in a very specific keyword or keyterm, so the likelihood of interest is very high. In this same regard it is not like traditional advertising where you are throwing a broad net and hoping you will be clearly visible to people of interest. These consumers are specifically seeking information about the products and services your business offers. As the web and search engines evolve we foresee more of an emphasis on paid placement.

Free or “organic” placement will be a thing of the past so take advantage of the current market climate and keep your placement as diversified as possible so you can be kept aware of all emerging opportunities.

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