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Rosemont Media Case Study Shows Tracking Website Calls is Essential

According to a recent Rosemont Media case study, in which we evaluated the performance of a number of client websites, call tracking is an essential component to developing and maintaining a successful online marketing campaign. As part of our statistical analysis package, call tracking creates a system of accountability that enables smarter marketing decisions and an overall cost per lead evaluation. The service is seamless to the user and allows you to identify those calls being generated by your website. The following data, collected over a three month period, provides examples of the effectiveness of call tracking, and was generated from several online marketing campaigns in six nationally distinct regions.

Rosemont Media Call Tracking Case Study
Client and Location Total Conversions Phone Calls % of Total Conversions
Plastic Surgeon: Suburban Illinois 161 calls and emails 139 86 %
Plastic Surgeon: Urban New York 3376 calls and emails 3166 94 %
Plastic Surgeon: Suburban Northern California 1002 calls and emails 823 82 %
Cosmetic Dentist: Suburban Southern California 222 calls and emails 204 92 %
Cosmetic Dentist: Urban Texas 914 calls and emails 827 90 %
Cosmetic Dentist: Rural Michigan 82 calls and emails 66 (53 local)* 80 %

*In the last example, you’ll notice an additional component in our call tracking analysis. Concerning the type of phone number used, the case study generated evidence of increasing effectiveness when providing your patients with a local area code they recognize and identify with.

As you can see, an overwhelming majority of the total conversions originated from the call tracking number created for the various websites. Without the ability to collect and analyze this data, the cosmetic dentists and plastic surgeons would have no way to determine how successful their website was in relation to the number of calls the practice received. However, armed with this information, we are now able to help them capitalize on conversions by adjusting marketing strategies accordingly, thus increasing the overall performance of their website in particular, and the practice as a whole.

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