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Rosemont Review Case Study: Groupon Right for Your Practice?

With the amount of attention being paid to the Google Groupon buyout, we thought it was time for a Rosemont Review case study concerning the effectiveness of Groupon’s daily deals. The analytic information below presents several different comparisons concerning the effect the special had on website traffic and online conversions: Groupon Case Study #1 compares the month surrounding the Groupon offer to the same month-long period from 2009; Groupon #2 compares the month-long period surrounding the Groupon offer to the website performance from the preceding month.

Groupon Case Study #1

Our first client is located in Texas and ran a special offering a discount on teeth whitening in October 2010. As the following graph shows, the increase in traffic year over year was astronomical to say the least.

Rosemont Review Groupon Effectiveness Case Study

Groupon #1 Website Traffic Increase

The same was true when we compared the number of visitors that either submitted a contact form or called the practice for more information.

Rosemont Review Shows Groupon Effectiveness

Groupon #1 Online Conversions Increase

Coupon Clippers vs. Loyal Patients

What the information here does not fully grasp is a picture of the continuing impact of the deal. In other words, will this increase in traffic transform potential patients into current patients, or does the increase have an expiration date related directly to the Groupon? While the answer concerns a number of variables, ranging from patient care to the specific dental needs of each patient to the person simply looking for a great deal, perhaps the most important consideration is the type of procedure being offered. More on that below.

Groupon Case Study #2

Our second cosmetic dentist is located in Southern California and offered a special through Groupon on a combination of general dentistry procedures including a routine exam and cleaning, and x-rays. The following graph compares website traffic from the month before the deal to traffic generated during the month of the deal.

Rosemont Review Shows Effectiveness of Groupon

Groupon #2 Website Traffic Increase

Rosemont Review Shows Effectiveness of Groupon

Groupon #2 Online Conversion Increase

Again, conversions created by contact forms or phone calls increased exponentially. In both cases. notice the lasting effect of the Groupon even after the peak and subsequent expiration. However, we are again left to consider the lasting effect of the Groupon concerning patient conversions and the length of time required for the practice to recoup the savings it offers directly to the patient.

Practice Impact and Lasting Effects of Groupon

There is no doubting Groupon’s ability to drive traffic to your website. But the question remains: how can a practice determine the lasting effects and overall impact of a special such as Groupon? By carefully considering the type of procedure offered with regard to the likelihood of a patient returning for follow-up procedures, you can begin to wade through some of the uncertainty. Additionally, by vigilantly tracking website performance, you can continue to define the long-tail associated with the special. Furthermore, you can stack the deck in your favor by encouraging each patient to post reviews of the entire Groupon experience with your practice (but that’s another topic entirely we’ll have to save for next time).

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