Search Engine Rankings Update: Google Tops, Yahoo Still Alive

Yahoo Overtakes Facebook for #2 Online Video Provider

In a post on September 30, 2010, Rosemont Review discussed the August search engine rankings from the comScore, Inc., which showed Facebook as the #2 online video provider for U. S. internet users. However, Yahoo has regained the second spot according to the September search engine rankings from comScore, with 54.4 million viewers, now ahead of Facebook, which gathered 52.2 million viewers. Not surprisingly, both sites fell short of Google, which garnered 144.2 million unique viewers.

Optimized Video Clips a Must for the Aesthetic Practice

Overall, comScore, Inc. reports that the U. S. internet audience watched an average of 14.4 hours of video online in September, with a total of 5.2 billion viewing sessions. These numbers again reinforce the need for website promotion and optimization, as well as the need to tap into the number of internet users watching video online by incorporating fully-optimized custom video clips in your practice’s website.

September a Pivotal Month for Search Engine Rankings

In a related article, comScore, Inc. released the September 2010 U. S. Search Engine Rankings, which shows Google’s market share at 66.1%, followed by Yahoo with 16.7%, Microsoft at 11.2%, the Ask Network at 3.7%, and AOL with 2.3%. The September 2010 rankings from comScore, Inc. are particularly interesting because of Google’s introduction of Instant Search. While the initial bump is likely due in part to Instant, when the novelty wears off will the market share remain?

Nearly 1 in 4 Searches Powered by Bing Organic Results

Additionally, the September comScore search engine rankings report explains the new addition of  “powered by” reporting, which is intended to provide insight into the explicit, branded share of searches powered by Google and Bing entities. The report shows Google entities gathered 69.1% of the organic search results, while Bing powered 23.5%. While Google still attracts an overwhelming majority, it’s tough to ignore Bing.

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