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The Importance of Marketing Consistency in the Summer Months

Marketing is critical during the summer months. When a potential patient is considering an elective health care procedure, the decision making process could take minutes or months. It is important to maintain consistency and “keep in front” of your consumer audience. Consider the classic activities associated with summer and your target market. For example: bikini shopping may influence some women to start researching breast augmentation or liposuction whereas running a marathon in irritating contact lens could finally motivate a patient to ponder LASIK. Identify with the needs of your patients and create specials or promotions that will influence them to make that decision…just a little quicker.

  1. Create a promotion
  2. Create a budget
  3. Create a plan
  4. Place promotion on your website
  5. Send an email blast
  6. Consider a direct mail piece, radio or television
  7. Create public awareness/buzz
  8. Track your results
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