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The Secret to SEO Success – Webinar 7/25

Tomorrow, July 25th at 1pm PST, Rosemont Media’s Senior Writer and Publicist Aaron Hurst is hosting our July webinar called The Secret to SEO Success.
The Rosemont Review sat down with Aaron to learn more about the webinar.

Rosemont Review: Why did you choose this topic?
Aaron Hurst: Online press releases play such an important role in our clients’ SEO strategy, we felt it was necessary to discuss why they are important to continued search ranking success.

Rosemont Review: What will clients learn from tomorrow’s webinar?
Aaron Hurst: I’ll cover the who what where when why and how of online PR’s. We’ll talk about how these releases help create fresh content, distribute the latest news about your practice, and protect your online reputation, along with a host of other benefits. There will be tips as well but we’ve got to save a little surprise for the webinar.

Rosemont Review: Who should attend the webinar?
Aaron Hurst: This is a topic that affects all our clients. Those clients who have questions about their website rankings, or about press releases should attend and ask me all their questions in the Q&A period at the end of the webinar.

Rosemont Review: How long is the webinar?
Aaron Hurst: The webinar is about 20 minutes, with 10 minutes of Q&A at the end. 20 minutes is all we’ll need to convince you that you need more PRs if Page 1 of search results is your ultimate goal.

Rosemont Review: For first-time webinar attendees, how do you register?
Aaron Hurst: You can click the “Register Now” button on our webinar homepage slide, or from our webinar page. You will be taken to our registration page hosted by WebEx. You will fill out a quick form with your name, email, and practice name. WebEx will then send you a confirmation email.

Rosemont Review: Once a client is registered, how do they access the webinar and what should they expect?
Aaron Hurst: Tomorrow a few minutes before the webinar at 1:00pm PST, open the confirmation email and click the link to join the event. You will be taken to our webinar page on WebEx where you will see a slideshow I am going to present. You will follow along as I go through the slideshow.
To hear audio, call the number in the confirmation email and put in the event password. Don’t worry, all listeners will be muted so we don’t have any sound interference.

Rosemont Review: Muted? But what if clients have questions during the webinar?
Aaron Hurst: I am encouraging attendees to bring questions, you will be able to type your questions into an instant message box on our webinar window. I have set aside time for questions at the end of the webinar and look forward to hearing from attendees.

Rosemont Review: What if a client would like to attend the webinar but is unable to?
Aaron Hurst: We will record the audio and post it to our webinar page in about a week for clients to access.

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