Want to Avoid JC Penney Link Disaster? Answer This Question

The New York Times recently exposed a fraudulent JC Penney link scheme perpetrated by the SEO firm working for the retailer. The investigation found thousands of unrelated web sites linked to the JC Penney web site to boost the retailer’s rankings in Google’s search results. Once Google confirmed the SEO tactics had violated their guidelines and subsequently corrected the rankings, JC Penney’s online placement plummeted.

Ensure Legitimate Search Engine Marketing Strategies

How well do you know your website?

Regardless of the level of your online expertise, you are ultimately responsible when it comes to maintaining proper guidelines regarding web site content and linking schemes. Granted, doing your homework on the frontend twill ensure the firm handling your aesthetic healthcare search engine marketing adheres to best practices, or “white hat” search engine optimization strategies; however, remaining vigilant of web site performance and search engine rankings by reviewing your web site content and related links will help you avoid the link fate of JC Penney.

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