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Facebook Editorial Calendar Webinar: Sarah Dawber Interview

plastic, surgeons, cosmetic, dentists, facebook, social, media Rosemont Media’s 2012 webinar series continues next Wednesday, February 15, 2012 at 1 pm PST. This month, Sarah Dawber will host the webinar, and focus on developing an editorial calendar to help aesthetic healthcare practices keep their social networks engaged and their content fresh.

Sarah recently sat down with the Rosemont Review and answered a few questions ahead of the webinar. Once you’ve read the post, take a second to visit our Facebook page and post additional questions you would like Sarah to address during the webinar next Wednesday.

Keeping Social Media Fresh with an Editorial Calendar

Rosemont Review: Why is the webinar series important to you and your clients?

Sarah Dawber: The internet moves extremely fast. One of the biggest challenges as a consultant is disseminating this information to our clients. The webinars allow us to communicate “what’s new” and what’s important and what’s happening right now. These webianrs are important and provide a foundation for future online success, which is why they are available 24/7 for reference at any time.

RR: And why are they important to Rosemont Media?

SD: We have started using an editorial calendar for our own social media strategy, which has helped us tremendously by streamlining the process and limiting the “what should I post today?” quandaries.

RR: Why is an editorial calendar specifically important to social media success?

SD: Establishing goals is the key to success with any venture in life. Goals demand organization and accountability. An editorial calendar helps our practices organize their marketing messages in correlation to annual procedure trends and promotional specials. Proactive organization of their marketing messages will lead to increased conversion and a more powerful targeted online presence.

RR: What will you cover in the hour-long webinar?

SD: Social media isn’t going anywhere. It is only becoming more intertwined with our daily activities and online success. I hope to explain how using an editorial calendar will maximize our social media efforts by creating goals and accountability, which should then allow you to measure that success.

RR: What is the single most important takeaway from the webinar next week?

SD: I want our clients to embrace social media as a whole. For many practices, social media still feels like a chore or something they “have to do.” I believe providing training and tools to assist our practices in developing a social media strategy will break down some of those barriers so they can learn from and capitalize on this revolutionary new cyber market.

Gratitude and Questions for our Social Media Guru

A huge thanks to Sarah for taking the time to sit down with the Rosemont Review ahead of the webianr next week. The only constant is change in the world of social media, and Sarah works extremely hard to stay on top of it all. If you have any questions ahead of time, visit our Facebook page and we’ll do our best to get to them before the webinar.

We really appreciate Sarah’s time and expertise, and look forward to the webinar next Wednesday, February 15, 2012. Don’t forget to register!

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