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How to Find the Social Media Linchpin at Your Practice

Who is in charge of social media at your practice? Do you have a linchpin in place? Someone who lives and breathes social media? Knows your practice and the ever-expanding worlds of Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and so on?

Successful reactions are the result of determined action. To be successful in the social media game, you need to identify and define the socially-driven people in your practice. Designating an individual or team as the social media linchpin of your practice will ensure your online community is reaching its full potential.

Thrive in the Social Media Landscape

The expansion of social media and explosion of online chatter surrounding your practice not only warrants, but demands the need to identify and designate a social media linchpin.

A social media linchpin, or champion, or guru, whatever you want to call it, is a must for practices hoping to reach their current and potential patients on a consistent basis. Below are 4 tips to help you find and designate that person or team in your practice and begin to develop stronger online relationships with your patients.

How to Identify Your Practice’s Social Media Linchpin

Wondering how to figure out who your social media linchpin is? Start with the following four traits and go from there.


Your patients light up when this person(s) welcomes them or enters the room. The social media champion must be easy-going and personable, and best case scenario, someone the patients already connect with.


The social media linchpin needs to be on, ready to perform, always. Whether it’s personal or business related, the linchpin doesn’t need to be an expert, they simply must be familiar with the social media atmosphere, and possess a drive to interact at all times online.


They must be familiar with your practice’s existence in all social media channels because they are going to represent the face of your practice online, and ultimately be responsible for the quality of conversation within your online community.


Not only does the linchpin need to be familiar with the practice, but they must also be in-house and able to keep your patients up-to-date with the real-time happenings at your practice. They must be familiar with the demands of patient care in the office, and familiar with patient needs online.

Inspire Patients to Engage and Connect

Without a catalyst, your online community lacks the necessary inspiration required of a successful social existence. You need an individual or team in your practice to spark a moment of brilliance, to build momentum and sustain it; otherwise, your practice’s social media community will remain stagnant and unfruitful.

Find the social media linchpin and inspire them to build a cohesive, interactive community. Doing so will turn patients into brand advocates, and potential patients into loyal ones.

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