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Nearly Half of Active Facebook Users Access Site Through Mobile

According to the Statistics page on Facebook, of the 800 million active users, 350 million access the social network with a mobile device. Additionally, those using their mobile devices are twice as active as the non-mobile user.

What’s even more incredible is the growth in mobile usage on Facebook. In 2009, 26% of the 250 million users on Facebook used mobile to access the site. In 2010, that number rose to 30%. In 2011, the number rose to 44%.

What the Mobile User Means to Your Practice

Aside from the basics of mobile website design we’ve covered ad nauseum here on the Rosemont Review, the combination of social media and mobile is one we haven’t beaten you over the head with, so prepare and proceed with caution.

If you’ll consider the above stats in terms of your practice and patient fan base on Facebook for a moment. Let’s say you have 1,200 fans, 1,000 of which check into your Facebook page on a regular basis. That means that 440 of those fans are using their mobile devices to stay connected to your practice.

We know what you’re thinking (or what you should be thinking): how can I better connect with those social mobile patients of mine?

Step one is familiarizing yourself with the mobile social media platforms. Visit the app store of your choosing and download the mobile app for Facebook, link the app to your account, and post your first update.

What should you post? Just say hello and tell your audience you’re now using mobile to access Facebook.

Keith’s Corner Question of the Week Answered

Let’s get right to it: the answer is D. We recommend practices post up to 4 times each week to stay in your audience’s news feed and avoid upsetting the balance between informative and overkill.

Thank you to all who participated in this week’s question, as well as the Google Analytics Webinar. Stay tuned for more information on the next webinar, which will focus on creating an editorial calendar for your social media efforts and making sure you have enough to provide 4 inspiring posts each week.

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