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Social Media and Ophthalmology Marketing – Hot Topics at ASCRS

Social Media Success at ASCRS

In the April 2011 issue of Ophthalmology Business, William B. Rabourn Jr. dissects common social media mistakes for any ophthalmologist to consider before beginning to blog, post to Facebook, or tweeting in “Social Networking? Avoid These 5 Mistakes.”

As laid out in Rabourn’s article, the five mistakes are as follows:

Throughout the 2011 ASCRS symposium, social media and search engine marketing were the dirty topics of the week, tucked quietly into the windowless conference rooms at the Marriot, or relegated to the sporadic smoking sections filled with rogue doctors whispering words like Facebook, Twiiter, and success.

While Rabourn begins with the doom-and-gloom of social media in his article, he finishes with this thought: “You can’t afford to put all of your eggs in the social networking basket, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t be profitable. The bottom-line benefits of social networking come not from shrinking your budget, but from expanding your practice’s revenue.”

At Rosemont Media, we couldn’t agree more: if done correctly with strict adherence to regulations set forth by HIPAA, social media provides ophthalmology practices with the keys to enhanced online performance, stronger patient-doctor relationships, and continued overall success.

Read “Social Netowrking? Avoid these five mistakes” in the forthcoming April 2011 issue of Eyeworld, then join the Rosemont Review as we address further innovations in the field of ophthalmology possible with social media.

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