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Want to Engage your Facebook Fans but Can’t Find the Time?

Do you find it hard to carve out time for your practice’s Facebook community? The amount of time required to grow a loyal following in any social network can be daunting. Facebook seems the most important due to the potential impact a vibrant community can have on any business. However, when you consider the additional roadblocks present with aesthetic healthcare practices, the demands of patient care and desire for confidentiality among them, it may seem like an uphill battle.

In this post, I’ll offer tips to help you save time and overcome those roadblocks, while creating an interactive and loyal patient following on Facebook.

Look to Your Mobile Social Patients for Inspiration

The mobile audience on Facebook has grown by over 50% in the last year. And over 70% of the entire mobile audience posted a status update from their mobile device. Your patients are spending time on Facebook while on the go. By utilizing the same tools they’re using, you can tap into this highly interactive fan base, and find the necessary inspiration for more than enough blog posts or Facebook updates in less time.

Chances are, your patients have a number of questions during the in-office consultations. Take clues from their curiosity, their excitement, and their anxieties, and use them to inspire a lively conversation on Facebook. It’s likely that a number of your fans have similar feelings and questions.

If you combine the ease of connecting with your community through your mobile device with common patient questions, you’ll save time and create highly engaging content all at once, between office visits. Take the situation below as an example.

Mobile + Patient Education = Facebook Fans

During a consultation, a patient wants to know about the PIP breast implant scare. When the consultation is finished, open the Facebook app on your mobile device and ask a simple question in your status update: How many people know about the recent PIP breast implant scare in Europe?

After the next patient, open the Facebook app again and check out the conversation. If patients are interacting, address their specific questions and help move the conversation along. If you’re still not seeing much engagement, explore the topic in further detail: give your fans an explanation of the situation, discuss the implants you use and provide a link to the breast implant page on your site.

By offering them a link for further exploration and education, you not only position yourself as an authority on the subject, but also offer your site as a resource for the latest in cosmetic enhancement.

Not Seeing Interaction? Don’t Give Up

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see any interaction at first. Continue to discuss the topic and use the patient’s concerns as further inspiration. What was the final resolution in the PIP implant case? Explain why patients need not worry about implants from this manufacturer. If they want more information, provide a link to your resource for news of this nature.

After a week, if you still don’t see any interaction, move onto the next topic. Perhaps you provided all the information patients needed, or maybe the topic will come up again at some point. The important thing to remember is that to expand your Facebook community, constant interaction is a must. Take advantage of the tools available, and you will see the results as more fans tune into your social network and begin to view your practice as a resource for their aesthetic enhancement questions.

Share the Knowledge on Facebook

Does this sound familiar? Was this post helpful? As you visit our Facebook page for the answer to Friday’s question of the week on Keith’s Corner, tell us more about the highs and lows of maintaining and engaging your practice’s Facebook fans.

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