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4 Ways to Turn Positive Patients into Practice Advocates

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4 Ways to Inspire Happy Patients to Branch Out

As our month-long online patient review series comes to an end, and we look ahead to online reputation management in November, we have 4 quick and easy tips to help you turn those happy patients into practice advocates and further strengthen your online brand awareness.

One: Get to Know Your Patients Online and Off

How much do you know about your target patient? Spend some time engaging with current and potential patients online through your practice’s social media channels. Listen and respond to increase engagement and encourage interaction online, but don’t forget to take that conversation offline as well the next time you see those patients in your office.

Two: Lead by Example, Express Personality and Passion

Chances are your patients understand more about who you are and why you are so passionate about your profession after their initial office visit with you. Be yourself and express some of this passion with your patients online to inspire them to do the same.

Three: Strive for an Emotional Connection

Take the opportunity to further connect with your patients, both current and potential, by making an emotional connection through storytelling. We all have our stories, and what better way to reach out to your online community to encourage them to engage and return. Take a moment to reminisce and share a bit about how you started your practice, how far you’ve come, where you see the aesthetic healthcare industry in 5, 10 years.

Four: Stay Consistent & Follow Up with Your Patients

Encourage your patients to return often, both to your online community and your office. The latest study from ASPS found that 13% of business in 2010 came from repeat patients. By maintaining your social networks and consistently engaging with your community, you are providing a constant resource for patients to rely on and return to in the future.

The Ultimate Goal is to Create Patient Advocates

Thanks to the prevalence and popularity of social media, word-of-mouth can travel at light speed. Whether your patients are talking around town, posting to review sites, and taking to the virtual streets of Facebook and Twitter, the impact your patients can have your practice is immense.

Instead of simply letting the conversation happen, be sure to engage with your online community to turn positive and satisfied patients into practice advocates capable of turning potential patients into loyal members of your practice.

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