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How Surgeons and Dentists Can Avoid Being Anti-Social on Facebook

We are social creatures by nature, so why do many of us tense up when pressed to engage online? Whatever the reason, we have to understand one thing: the “build it and they will come” approach to social media will not lead to successful interactions or new patients.

Why Your Practice Needs the Facebook Population

600 million users spend 700 billion monthly minutes on Facebook

Your patients are on Facebook and they are spending a considerable amount of time there. While they are searching for some basic information, they are also looking to establish a connection with you and your practice. To think you can outsource this responsibility, or throw a few extra minutes at Facebook is missing the point of social media completely.
Give potential patients a reason to return to your community and remember you and your team the next time they have a question concerning your specialty. The simplest way to provide this type of memorable experience is to show up, spend some time there, and enjoy yourself.

In the same way wallflowers rarely provide a memorable experience at a party or event, just showing up on Facebook isn’t enough. Stop being anti-social by expressing some of the passion that drives you to be a better dentist or plastic surgeon, and then talk about your Facebook community with your patients in-office. They are online and they are spending time on Facebook, why not grab their attention?

5 Ways to Avoid Anti-Social Behavior on Facebook

1. Post practice news: upcoming events, new procedures, and current events
2. Tell a story: start with why you chose this profession and go from there
3. Post photos and videos: providing patients with a visual will increase the connection
4. Listen and respond: offer fans a glimpse at a consultation through quality engagement
5. Act natural, have fun: create an environment patients enjoy

Example of Facebook Patient Success

The following image is a screen capture from one of our plastic surgeons. Notice how a simple, casual question posed to a dedicated and attentive audience of patients can create quality engagement and a memorable experience.

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Example of Successful Medical and Dental Facebook Marketing

How do you Keep it Social on Facebook?

Did we miss something? Do you have some more tips or advice on how to avoid being anti-social? Visit the Rosemont Media Facebook page.

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