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Plastic Surgeons and Dentists Have Another Reason to Get LinkedIn

LinkedIn is now the second most visited social networking site according to the latest unique visitor trend from comScore, Inc. From June 2010 to June 2011, LinkedIn’s traffic from unique visitors rose 63% with just under 40,000 monthly visits, edging out the struggling Myspace network.

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LinkedIn #2 Social Network After Surpassing Myspace

LinkedIn offers a slightly different take on social networking that could prove useful for the plastic surgery or cosmetic dentistry industries. While the site is defined as social media, it allows you to approach and interact with your online network from a professional perspective, whereas Facebook is a mix of personal and professional. Because of this slightly different concentration, LinkedIn users seem to have a better understanding of the daily professional demands associated with the careers of their friends, or connections as they’re called on the network.

Twitter an Interesting Option for Aesthetic Healthcare Marketing

Twitter’s unique visitor traffic rose 31% over the last year, and is about to pay a visit to Myspace’s doorstep for the third spot. However, the future impact of Twitter appears shaky for the moment, as the deal with Google that kept a constant real-time stream in the search engine’s results recently expired.

Even so, the micro-blogging site is an interesting option for both plastic surgery and cosmetic dentistry practices. If you only have time for one social media site, Twitter may not be the answer for you. But if you are looking to branch out a little further into the expansive social media environment, Twitter would be a great place to start.

Facebook Still Far and Away the King of the Social Media Hill

While LinkedIn and Twitter are making some solid gains in unique monthly visitors, the increase in traffic is coming from the continued decline of Myspace. Unfortunately for them, another benefactor of the Myspace slide just so happens to be their biggest competitor. From June 2010 to June 2011, Facebook saw a 14% increase in unique monthly visits, rising from just over 140,000 visits to slightly more than 160,000.

Despite all the news surrounding social media and the success of LinkedIn and Twitter, Facebook is still the place to be. While your patients may by exploring the wide spectrum of social networks out there, Facebook provides the biggest bang for your buck.

A Final Word of Advice for Social Media Success

Quality is the name of the game on social networks. Regardless of whether you prefer Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or are just getting started, quality engagement is a must if you want to develop a successful online community. Without consistent interaction, a social network cannot flourish.

Think of your social network as a garden in three specific ways listed below, and you’ll experience continued growth and develop a quality online following.


Social media interaction begins with you. Visit the site often and inspire conversation with your thoughts on hot topics, current events, or special deals in your industry.


Keep the conversation going. Check in on the comments and offer continued support as your current and potential patients engage.


Know when to listen. Don’t feel the need to comment on each post. Sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Offer continued support as conversation wanes.

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