Tips for Consistent Web Friendly Before and After Photos

The before and after gallery typically generates more views than any other page on a plastic surgery website. We have complied a few quick tips to create consistent, web friendly photos to share with your patients

  • Standardize your shots by placing the camera in the exact same place for each patient and angle. Suggestion: Use duct tape to mark your camera placement.
  • Use the same background for each photo and avoid door knobs, lighting fixtures etc. This will save the web designer a lot of time and save you money.
  • Use a great camera (9 to 10 megapixels) and decent lighting. Lighting kits can be purchased for as little as $40 and dramatically improve your photos.
  • Select a standard background that is a solid bright color. Neutral tones or patterns should be avoided.
  • Don’t use post-operative photos with scars that are still healing. A blatant scar, even if diminished once healed, can detour a patient from considering a surgical procedure.
  • Use gallery photos that are representative of your patient population. It is not possible for all women to be a size 4 so show them what is possible for their body type.
  • Label your photo files with “tummy tuck.before.leftside” “rhinoplasty.before.front” or “liposuction.after.back”. This will assist your web designer in identifying the procedure and organizing your photos.
  • Descriptions are important and can be optimized to increase your positioning on the web. Include: height, age, weight, cup size, # of months post-op,  procedures performed if multiple.
  • Potential patients may be distracted by hair, tattoos and moles rather than your stunning results. Select photos that are layperson friendly.
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Keith Humes


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