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3 Reasons the Cloud will Benefit your Practice

Cloud computing is about connectivity, first and foremost. The ultimate goal of cloud computing is for all information, whether personal or professional, to be accessible from anywhere. A practice cloud can house just about anything, from patient information, such as medical records and appointments, to doctor information, including email, pertinent patient records, and schedules for upcoming engagements.

The cloud is completely unique to the user and fully-customizable. It is what the user makes of it.

Murphy’s Law Overturned by the Cloud

Anything that can go wrong, will, right? Not any longer. Making the move to the cloud will not only streamline the day-to-day, it adds another layer of cost-effective protection, which allows the user the freedom to access all of their information from nearly anywhere.

Many people already use their own personal cloud, and simply may not know it. If you use an email service such as Gmail, or have a Facebook profile, you have been using the cloud. The key now is to make the cloud work for you.

Imagine practicing with complete autonomy from home, in the office, or on the road. It’s possible with the aesthetic healthcare practice cloud: the information follows the user, however fluid they may be, instead of pinning them to a particular location, or device.

The Cloud is Cost-Effective

Compared to the time and money required to maintain in-office technology, the cloud is a cost-effective solution to traditional methods of security, maintenance, and upgrades.

The Cloud is Freedom

With the ability to connect to all personal and professional data from any internet connection, the user is never offline. Whether seeing patients in the office, traveling to an industry conference, or winding down at home, the user becomes more efficient because they are not wasting time searching for information or waiting to connect.

The Cloud is Peace of Mind

With a cost-effective, convenient cloud comes a secure solution to the piles of patient files and in-house servers. In the past, a water loss in the office, or a crashed server or desktop meant a great deal of important information was lost. However, the cloud provides a fully-compatible safety net that is accessible from anywhere.

What happens if the connection to the cloud is severed? Without an internet connection, you’d be offline either way, so grab a coffee and rest easy knowing a lost connection is all you will be dealing with.

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