Chart of the Week: Cloud Computing to End Desktop Reign

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Cloud Computing for the Aesthetic Healthcare Practice

A recent survey conducted by Pew Internet Research found that a majority of experts believe the weather in 2020 will be perpetually partly cloudy–technologically speaking that is–which will likely spell the end of desktop computing as we know it. According to the survey, “The Future of the Internet,” most people will access software, applications, and personal files through the use of clouds, or remote server networks.

Instead of relying on tools and information contained within the limited amount of space available on individual, personal desktops, many experts believe users will perform a majority of their computing activities in virtual clouds that simply hang around cyberspace in servers operated by outside firms.

As the chart below shows, nearly 900 technology experts and stakeholders were asked if users would shift their workload into the cloud in the next decade, or continue to keep their information in the desktop. The following chart shows a majority of those surveyed expect the demise of the desktop is just around the corner.

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Aesthetic Healthcare Moving to the Cloud

Cloud Computing 101

Imagine, as the image at the top of the post illustrates, a personal cloud that follows you everywhere and allows instant access to emails, documents, social network profiles and photos, business contacts and more: this is essentially cloud computing.

Some of the most popular cloud-based services are social networks such as Facebook, microblogging sites like Twitter, video-sharing sites such as YouTube, and document applications similar to Google Docs.

The Importance of Cloud Computing

Working in the cloud allows users easy, individualized access to their personal information wherever they are from nearly any device with an internet connection. Join the Rosemont Review this week as we discuss the importance of cloud computing for the aesthetic healthcare practice, including Rosemont Media’s own experience with moving into the cloud, and how it can benefit your practice and patients.

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