Dental Website Design When Should I Redesign?

With so much emphasis on Internet marketing and how to gain more exposure many dentists overlook how well their website is converting into leads. Establishing your website conversion rate is a very fundamental thing. Most dental practices do not track phone calls that are being generated as a result of a consumer visiting a practice website. Phone calls from a website are typically a better lead than emails. Most people sending emails are price shopping as opposed to somebody calling in that wants to set up an appointment. Furthermore, we have also found that dental websites tend to generate 5-10 times more phone calls than emails. With this being said, the only effective way to establish a website conversion percentage is to install a call tracking number . Now with a tracking number installed you can establish the total amount of leads being generated from your website. Establishing a conversion rate is easy; take the total amount of leads generated in a month (lets say 10) and divide that by the total number of unique website visitors (lets say 1000) your total conversion would be only 1%. If your conversion level is 2% or below you should definitely consider looking at a website redesign. However, lets not jump to conclusions, as you should really look at this over the course of time and frequently benchmark your conversion rate to see if you are trending up or down. If you are in the process of redesigning a site right now you should try to establish a current conversion rate and compare that after the launch of the new site. If your website converts at a higher level then every dollar you spend towards marketing goes a lot further.

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