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When Is It Time To Redesign My Website?

This is a question that comes up from time to time and, I thought, a good one to share on the blog. Practices decide to re-design existing sites for a variety of reasons. Here are 4 you may have not considered:

1. Your site is not an accurate reflection of your print materials and/or office setting.

Remember that a practice’s website is often the first impression for prospective patients. If you wouldn’t put lawn furniture in your waiting room, why would you neglect your online image?

2. Bounce rate higher than 60%.

If more than 60% of your online visitors are spending less than 30 seconds on your site, it may be time for a re-design. Not sure how to calculate your bounce rate? Contact a Rosemont consultant to find out more.

3. Your site is built in all flash, frame sets, or tables.

As search engines have evolved over the last several years, so has the programming involved with websites. Sites with antiquated programming platforms can sometimes make it hard for users to navigate through your site and usually limit your ability to perform well in the search results.

4. You are getting traffic but not leads.

Just because your site ranks well for specific search terms doesn’t mean that you are standing out among your search competitors as the obvious choice. Take time to look at your competition and even consider asking friends and family to read through your site from the perspective of the potential patient. You will likely gain tremendous insight about the “user experience” and can then implement any changes as needed.

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