Alliance Surgical Center Launches Updated Website

Houston Surgery Center Unveils New Website for Patients & Doctors

Alliance Surgical Center has revealed a new look for its website, which underwent a design makeover to better connect with patients and referring doctors. Houston, TX—To more accurately reflect the high quality of care offered at its outpatient surgery centers in Houston, the team at Alliance Surgical Center (ASC) has…

Why It’s Important for Elective Health Care Practices to Be on Facebook

Does My Practice Really Need to Be on Facebook?

Facebook is routinely in the news—and not always to positive acclaim—so you may wonder if you really need to create a business profile on this sometimes-controversial social media platform. The answer is that in the current elective healthcare market, establishing a social media presence for your practice on Facebook has…

The value of social media for medical or dental practices

The Value of Social Media for Business

Social media has become a highly influential component of any brand’s marketing efforts. As medical and dental practices dive into the world of social media for business, one of the first questions they ask is: “How do I know if it’s working?” If you’re investing time and money into your…

How much should a dental or medical website cost?

How Much Should a Website Cost?

Similar to pricing for the customized treatments your practice offers, the overall cost of a medical or dental website can vary greatly, depending on factors such as the web design firm you are considering and the particular elements, features, and degree of customization you desire. To assist you in determining…

Polacek Center for Plastic Surgery Reveals New Website Design

Rhode Island Plastic Surgeon Unveils New Design for Practice Website

Lori Polacek, MD has launched an updated website design for the Polacek Center for Plastic Surgery to provide an educational and user-friendly resource for patients. Cranston, Rhode Island — Dr. Lori Polacek, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Rhode Island, recently launched an updated look for her practice website. At the…

What is the difference between a custom-built website and a website that is customizable?

Custom Websites vs. “Customized” Websites

As the digital age continues to progress and the need for an online presence has become abundantly clear, there are countless website design options to choose from, including many template-based solutions that market themselves as “customizable.” Although it’s not always obvious, there’s a big difference between a custom website and…

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